Friday, April 24, 2009

Its a need not a want !!!!!!

I haven't time to do much blogging tonight. Look what arrived in the post this morning. Yes enough magazines to sink a battleship. And they all need to be given the quick once over , just in case!!! So I,m sat in bed, mug of tea in hand, nails painted black and all beauty preparations completed. Ooh cant wait to dive in.

Been a bad girl today. Ems and I have spent most of the day completing the tax return, and formulating a new business plan. Heavy stuff, so thought I would just have a quick stroll around the shops. Not sure how it happened but I came away with these little beauties....

Love the front ruffle...

Unfortunately these fabby dabby's seem to have come home with me as well...

And yes I know that, yet again, they are black and high and strappy. And yes I know they are very similar to lots I've already got, but it always pays to be prepared and have a few pairs in reserve in case there's a war.!!!! Well that's what I,m sticking with any way.
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Love the shoes.
You are very brave, I would fall and break my kneck in those heels. :-)
Enjoy the Mags.
I love all the Sommerset Mags, and am waiting on my fix to come in the post.
Have a great weekend.
Michelle xx

ForgedinPaper said...

Wow fab shoes and inspirational magazines all in one day. Must take the edge off doing a tax return. I'm jealous!

Unknown said...

loving the shoes Dy and I am also a complete freak when it comes to Magazines. Its a must isn't it.

Have fun reading and perusing

Emma xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

those shoes are gorgeous Dylan, dont think I would have been able to choose between them either. I currently get craft stamper but am thinking of another mag sub as well, what would you say is a good next step for a mag, I do atc, metal work, melt pot, occasional scrapping, thanks Siobhan

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