Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Colour outside the lines

I,ve spent most of the day preparing prompt cards for the Art Journalling class . Those of you who know me will know I love cards - angel cards playing cards, tarot cards, memory cards, inspiration cards, in fact cards of any shape and size. I love the feel of them and I love to play with them and shuffle them up.
The first set are the colour cards completed from the last class. These are the fronts.

And these are the backs, with each colour represented by meaningful words.

These are the prompts for Sunday. We are exploring feelings and emotions through colour.

These are the fronts of the 32 cards.

and here's the backs. We wont be making these cards in the workshop merely using them as prompts to kick start our imagination and inspiration...

Ok I,m going now, can feel a bit more stroking going on. lmao
Enjoy xx

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borgqueen said...

Yey - can't wait for this class - quite excited to know what colour I'll get - and trying hard not to think of the ones I dont want - lol
loving the colour themes

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