Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All good things come to an end ...!!

OMG its the end of the world as we know it. Wednesday is fire alarm testing day. Not just any old fire alarm testing day, but fire alarm testing day by the gorgeously hunky fire alarm tester. Short test of the alarm means sorry Dy I,m running late, long test of the alarm means , get your ass down here for a chat and a giggle. Today was long alarm test, so I duly trotted off for my weekly glimpse of totty (think Diet Coke ad), to find - Shock ,Horror. He has been replaced with a weedy, balding alternative. Wednesdays will never be the same again. I was quickly on the phone to say "what happened , where are you???" And apparently he has been let go out of the blue, just before he has been working for them a full year. Doesn't seem fair does it. He has no job and I have no one to ogle. Not sure which is worse, lmao...

Any way need to show you my pressie the lovely Ann brought me on Sunday. Ooh look at the size of that..!!! Seeing as I will be at home all Easter I can risk the upset stomach and devour it lol. Thanks darling xx

Bezzie Su came to class last night in her altered Dockers and as promised here are the photos.

Cool eh..?? Check the pink tights. And yes, it is hard to believe she is a professional woman..!!
Doesn't the Organza ribbon just finish them off..??

Haven,t done shoe watch for a while. The sun came out briefly this morning so it was thick socks off, Uggs in the cupboard and hello toes, its been a while...!!

OK chicken stir fry tonight , yes I am cooking twice in one week..!! Off to the shops now for the ingredients, whats the betting I forget the chicken again. lmao xx


angie's blogspot said...

You could always give the fireman a job,wink wink, maybe learn him to paint, lmao!

Marie R said...

Can't you 'alter' him and put him on show as a sample?!!!! We know how you love your firemen!!!

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