Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trouble with me antlers..!!!

Here we go with some more entries for my Queen challenge. I will be keeping it open for a while so keep them coming in. Rules are you have to hop over to , purchase one of the queens digital downloads and make something with it. Tell Patty who owns the site you have come from me. Prize is a load of goodies from me and some digital downloads from Patty. What are you waiting for..??

This one is from Sarah. She has made a sign for her craft room door. Love it.. To see more pics of it hop over to her blog .

This next one is from the lovely Susie, who I bullied into entering. She apparently tore up her first lot in fright. But she gamely complied and here it is. Its great, you daft bat,,!! lol

And this is from Christine, who I have got hooked on mini books and my fabby dabby weekends, lol. It is an actual mini book of queens. Gorgeous...

Yesterday was Technique Mirror, always a cool class , but I forgot to take any photos...Durr..!!! Did remember at the end to photo this gorgeous heritage book that the lovely Jean made.

Loving the burnt edge technique round all the photos.

And as usual she had on jazzy shoes. Here she is with Sexy Susie.. Such glamour pusses...Love them to

After the class I had a surprise visit from the most beautiful grand daughter in the world. She had been making buns with Aunty jay and was desperate for me to taste them.

How cool are they..?? She insisted that I have two, one for each hand lol..

Today was Art Journals Day. It is in the middle of every ones holidays and so the class was not quite as busy as usual. Look at this gorgeous card that Bezzie Su made me. With a queen theme of course..!! Thanks doll .. xx

After much show and tell, cups of tea, rude insults and a demo from me, they all settled down and got on with their own thing. I love to see how confident they have all grown in just a few months.

Here's some of the work, too late with the camera again..!!!

This was the demo I did for them, to make two pages in my Queen book.

And here's the inner page for the book.

Ok, must get back to my designing now, having trouble with Rudolphs ears..lmao

Enjoy xx


Sharon said...

Loving the pages you have made for your book Dyan.
Also all the new Quuen entries.

Anne Jagger said...

Oooo lovely pages and I don't envy whover is judging the Queen entries, they're fab. Thanks for "visiting" - I can't wait to come and do Art Journalling with you in August - soooooo excited! xxxxxxxx

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