Sunday, July 19, 2009

Return of the Mojo...

Cool class today, it was the quote tag album.

removeable acetate pages

always ribbons

Hardware and paint

and of course ink...

Now I want you to have a close look at this picture of our Ben's other half, the lovely Katie. Spot anything odd...??

We had only been going 5 minutes when she got blathered in paint. All in her hair...How...???

Anyway here's the rest of the motley crew.
All the S's... Sue, Shelley and Sandra

Jeanne and Cath

Katie, Karen and Polly

Claire and Helen.

Much was made of the fact that ,because I am still not well, I was quiet..!! What are they trying to insinuate...??? They need talk , this class consisted of quite a few of the rowdier student's...You know who you are..!!! lmao. Love it when every ones having fun.
Earlier in the week I asked you to let me know your Blonde Moments, you know those stupid little things we do with out realising. They all made me ;laugh and I did feel better for not having done some of them myself, though I am sure it wont be that long before I do..!! This was my fave.
Katy said...
Fabby piccies :) My ditsy moment recently was when I was getting dressed I put my bra over the top of my tshirt!! I actually walked out of the house looking like that, it wasn't till the bloke across the road looked at me odd did I look down and see what I'd done I was mortified!!!xxxxp.s. my friend and I are paying a visit on friday if you around?!
I just love it. How the hell do you do that..?? So embarrassing or what. So Katy email me your address and I,ll get some goodies out to you..
And I just want to say a big welcome back to
Not sure if its just a flying visit or what , but I thought I would take advantage of it anyway. The gorgeous Patty, over at Lisa's altered art, sent me some new images to play with. Can i just say they are frikking gorgeous. Right up my alley way. It is a new range called queens and there is something for every one, from Shopping Queen to Cupcake queen. Ooooh I am going to get soooo much mileage out of these aren't I..
So what to do. All my art lately has been out of necessity, either preparing for classes, writing for magazines or personal art journaling as therapy. I can't remember when I last made a piece of art, just for me. Art just for the sake of art. How sad is that. I just don't get the time to play these days and its killing me. So the question tonight was , do I prepare all the paperwork needed for my appointment with the Bank Manager tomorrow or do I indulge my inner passion and play, just for the sake of playing..?? I know which was more important...Yes the Art...!!!!
So what to do, didn't want to do my journaling, just didn't want to go there, so started a new Art Journal, especially for ART. Ha ha that's six Art Journals on the go at once, all with different purposes. I started by enlarging one of the new queens, thought about it for 5 mins, and then I was off like a woman possessed. I had to get it done as quick as I could just in case my conscience popped by for a quick visit and made me stop... Here's the finished result and I am really pleased with it. Its nowhere near my best work, but I enjoyed myself so much and feel quite rejuvenated.... I,ll just tell the Bank Manager I,ve got swine flu, I'm sure he'll be fine..rofl...
I,ll talk you through it. First I add some colour with Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints. I then applied Tim's scroll mask and inked over in places. Two of his background stamps were inked up and stamped. I painted a book page and cur out the pennant shapes for down the sides of the pages. I enlarged the images and words and stuck them on with gel medium.

I then doodled along the top and bottom, and added journaling lines. I cut hearts out of the painted book page .

I then started my journaling

I added the finishing touches with Karisma pencils and oil pastels. They always make the colours pop.

I feel so much happier now that my soul has been fed and watered. And I refuse to feel one ounce of guilt at spending precious time on art for arts sake. If you have trouble with your guilt just screw the lid back on it tightly, and pop it in the fridge for another day.
Have loved this saying for years.
"Art washes away from the Soul, the Dust of Everyday Life"
I then hotfooted it over to the website and splurged on new images, Ha ha I never do things by half, I ordered 27 new download sheets and 2 special packages.. Yayy cant wait. Got some fabby images for the Christmas workshops and you just have to get the Halloween images. Oh and the 100 fairies special and the large fairies special. You see what am I like..?? Its no good you are just gonna have to get over there and see for yourselves, wont you. Go into the sale bit cos you can get any 10 sheets at a reduced price. Let Patty know where you,ve come from and say Hi from me.
So I thought we would have a little Art Journal challenge. Don't worry if you don't journal, just enter any way. I want you to purchase one of the queen digital down loads and do a page with it. It can be journally, scrappy, grungy. In fact anything as long as it isn't twee, and don't forget peel offs bring me out in a rash. Itsy bitsy cute little images will be instantly excommunicated lmao. No you can do anything you want just remember i will be picking my fave. So there will be 2 prizes, a big bundle of goodies from me. And - wait for it - Patty is going to give the winner 5 free down loads of their choice. Howe cool is that...????
So go over to Lisas Altered art, purchase one of the queen digital download sheets, tell Patty where you,ve come from, make some art incorporating it and send me a piccy. You,ve got a week to do it. Anyone game for the challenge...???? You know you want to...!!
Enjoy xx


Katy said...

OMG!! I can't believe you've picked me YIPPEE!! :) I will email you my addy now!!

Love the new art journal, I am hot footing it over now to purchase some downloads from Lisa and will come up with something, minus nasty peeloffs!!!!!!!!


borgqueen said...

Have you frightened everyone off?.... i love a challenge - being your friend has been good practice!!
When I can lift head up a) after blue tongue incident and b) battering of work today I will accept this challenge and make a Queen page.
Can I win another blue lollypop?

Dylan said...

Ha ha, looks that way. Well the prize is obviously going to be between you two. I might enter myself...!!!
Katy, just beware at Patty's, you,ll be on there forever...
And Su, I do like to stretch your abilities as far as I can, its all good for your bedside manner. You can now keep a totally straight face whatever is revealed to you, lmao xxx

Sharon said...

Oops forgot to come back and post this morning to say that I bought a Queen's collage set.
Haven't a blooming clue what to do with it mind you!!
Can I get a blue lolly too just for buying it LMAO

susie f said...

OK, ok! I've been and bought a set (or two) off out now to buy a paper then tonights entertainment will be sticking and gessoing (is that a real word??).
But be warned, emotional outpouring may ensue :) lol
Love Susie
ps am excited about possibly winning a blue lolly (if you don't mind sharing Su??)

thekathrynwheel said...

Hmmmm. How long have we got to come up with something fab? You know Iike to ponder for quite some time.......and right now my imagination is extremely sluggish cos I'm so knackered after finishing school. Love your journal page - quite different from your recent pages. Off over to Lisa's now..... Byeeeee

cla16e said...

Oooh, the beauty queen & the glamour queen are absolutely deeelish!!!
I luuuurve them. Hope to see more of your stuff using

(todays word verification is "fullinfu" wtf!?? Hahaha.x)

*sara* said...

omg katy cant believe you won ,how lucky are you girl !! bet dyan has some fab goodies to send you make sure you send me piccies when you get it
hugs sara x x

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