Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oops I did it again..!!

Art journaling classes can get emotional at times and today was no exception. The sticking point for many people is getting their thoughts and feelings down on paper. Many are frightened of what will happen if they let their feelings run free. so we spent the morning talking and doing exercises to help them.. Now don't get all giddy, I don't mean exercise as in star jumps..!! We were writing and shredding it, writing and painting it. There was lots of group input and shared experiences and all of a sudden the tears started to fall. First one then another and soon at least half of them were off... But emotion is a good sign and it just needs releasing. Although I was real worried that I had made people cry again, I was honoured that they felt safe and comfortable enough to do so. After a nice cup of tea and a blood sugar boost of scones with cream and jam, they were raring to go. They had to write something on one o0f their pages that they didn't want anyone to know, and then they were given the chance to paint over it. Surprisingly many now didn't feel the need to do so and were happy to leave it as it was.. Yayy...!! And that's it, they were off.

Here they are Mell, Jeanne, Cath and Helen.

Helen, Anne, Chris, Kate and Sara.

Chris, Dawn and Pat.

and Theresa, Sarah and bezzie Su. ( think shes snivelling on the end..!!)

She soon perked up and managed to get mucky..

And you really need to see this fabulous journal made by Jeanne (chocolate lady). The journals jacket is made from inked Grunge Paper, embossed with the Cuttlebug and machine stitched together. The hinges are Grunge Board.

The closure is a Hitch Pin. Fabulous isn't it..??

I have been left drained by it all, lmao...So I am recovering at home by watching back to back Miami Ink and Project Runway, whilst booking hotels for a short break next week and flights for an August holiday. Whoop de whoop.. hotels, dancing, beach, clubbing, sand, city life. Ooh bring it on. In the meantime I have to work my cute little butt even harder than usual..!! Ahh well...
Enjoy xx.


thekathrynwheel said...

Ooooh you really opened up a few emotional wounds today. Despite the tears it was a fab day and everyone seemed very motivated and wrote loads. Hurray for paper shredders! :-))))

Lisa said...

you see that's why I do canvas painting workshops - so you don't make me cry!!

See you tomorrow (just off to polish my shoooooes!) x

crimsoncat05 said...

your journaling classes sound great!!

Sara said...

I may have cried and felt drained at the end if the class but I also felt lighter - I still enjoyed the class and finally realised all the journalling doesn't have to be pretty.


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