Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Its Christmas...!!!

Well I finally got my arse into gear and cracked the first Christmas article of the year so far. I have been putting this one off and I am way over deadline ( no shock there I hear ..!!) But I seemed to have lost my mojo a little. This is a very serious matter for me, as I am Mrs Christmas. Love it, love it, love it...!!!I would normally do Christmas all year round but was struggling with inspiration.. Forced my self to start yesterday afternoon and within 10 mins Bang..!! it came flooding back and I love these cards I made. Here's some sneeks.

Its put me right in the mood.
Been teaching a painting workshop all day with Claudines fabby Studio line products. You all know I love these paints they are fab. You also know that I can never seem to keep them on the shelves, they sell out as soon as they come in. We had a delivery yesterday , so you could be in luck if you hurry...lol
Heres the ladies
Chris, Lisa, Rose and Sara

Kate, Pat and Jane.

I continued the Christmas theme on into the night class, and even had Christmas carols playing..!!! O yes, lmao
We also had the grand smashing of the Pinata. Sue didn't seem to be in a brill mood and I foolishly allowed her to brandish the Pinata stick. Well its a good job shes my mate, dread to think what she would have been like if she hated me...
Just look at all the anger and frustration that's building..!!!

Here's its contents

And the winner was the lovely Sarah from our Tues night class. I am so pleased because she is a gorgeous babe. The correct amount was 282.

Her prize was a full days workshop voucher. Thanks to everyone who entered and all who supported us in raising money for Carers Resource. I will give you an update on the amount when it is all counted.

Enjoy xx


borgqueen said...

It certainly was Christmas - just found the alternative to Art Journals for letting it all out - hope your hands recover soon darling! Yey for Sarah for winning and for everyone who entered the draw cos Carers will benefit ;o)
The prize next time could be beating the thing......? Could I be due a period!?
X x x

Brian K said...

Sooo sorry you have a headache! Please show us the completed works! They look most beautimous!

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