Monday, July 27, 2009

And then there was light..!!!

Well it was all fun and games this morning. Me and the Goddess had an appointment with the bank , so I got in early so I could collate all the info we needed. there I was sat at my desk, applying my slap, when one of the lights started buzzing. I ignored it but it got louder and louder until the noise was quite frightening. Then all of a sudden there was an almighty bang and I was thrown into total darkness, mascara wand in hand, lol. I wasn't sure what to do as there was a real strong smell of burning but I couldn't see a thing. I eventually negotiated my way to the door and rang the landlord with an SOS. no prob he said someone will be there sometime today..!!! NOOOOOOOOOO I practically shrieked I need them NOW, got to sort the bank...
I found my way back to my desk and plugged the laptop in to give me a little light and that's where Emmi found me 10 mins later. For one moment she had a horrible feeling I was sat there intentionally in darkness, lmao. Depression was setting in fast, but then Emmi discovered the kettle was still working , joy of joy's..!!! A cup of creamy tea makes everything more bearable.. Simples.
Well the cavalry swung into action, ok the builders from down the corridor. They brought me a big flood light and a transformer. Not quite sure how much make up they actually thought I was applying..?? Anyhow they plugged it in, only to have no joy at all. maybe I,m jinxed ha ha . Eventually they provided me with light and we could proceed with applying the slap and collating the bank files. Then we hotfooted it into town as fast as our high heels would carry us, and made it with mins to spare. yayy..!! We then proceeded to dazzle them with our charisma and charm and hope it did the trick..fingers all crossed. Cant say any more as I know he reads the blog.. Hi Steve , lovely seeing you today, you get younger and better looking every time. ( well a bit of buttering up never did any harm, did it..? lol ).

I then spent the rest of the day, drawing and painting Christmas. And no there are no sneak peeks, you will just have to exercise a bit of patience. But OMG are you gonna love it when you see it..!!! Its ages since I,ve painted like that, and although it is time consuming it is extremely relaxing.

Ok I,ll leave you with 2 more queen entries.

The first is from Anne. Love the use of Tim's Distress Crackle paint on the background. The matt finish contrasts beautifully with the jewels.

And here's one from Su. You need to look closely, but there are a lot more queens sandwiched between a dress pattern stuck on the page.

Keep sending them and I,ll keep posting them.
Guess what I,m teaching tomorrow. Yes that's right Art Journals again. You all cant get enough of them. Wonder if we'll have tears during..??
Whatever you are up to Enjoy xx


Sarah Louise said...

And still those beautiful queenie creation come. You have created little arty/ journalling queenie monsters, lol

Great work everyone

Fingers crossed for you Dyan

Sharon said...

LOL at Sarah's comment above

Dyan how did you change the comment part to "hyperactively blogged by Dyan" ?
I have been wanting to change mine but don't know how.

Dylan said...

Sharon, I,m not quite sure, you know what I,m like . Think it was a fluke..!!!
Go into customise and click edit blog. A window will come up and I think I typed it into the comments box..?????
Good luck lol x

Sharon said...

Thanks Dyan, I got it!

Annette said...

Wish I was art journaling with you tomorrow - but got to go to work
:-( Will be seeing you soon I hope
Love the queenie creations - and now got some downloads too:-)

Sue Ramsay said...

Hi Dylan,
if you get time there is something waiting for you on my blog.

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott