Sunday, November 9, 2008

Car troubles

Here we go again!!! The new throttle sensor fitted approx 2 wks ago has gone kaput, so I am car less again. Unfortunately I am also without a courtesy car so I am stranded. Nothing against walking or public transport but it is soooo time consuming and I cant carry all my work around. So not a lot to report unfortunately. All I have been able to do today is clean , clean and clean. Oh and iron, I have ironed everything in sight. Hurray - NOT. But at least it is all done ready for the week, hopefully leaving more time for playing, yeyy!!

So now I am being really naughty . I am watching Celebrity Scissorhands whilst raiding Maisies choccy stash. Did you know that it is the law to eat all the blue ones first!!And for all of you out there who struggle with your colour matching, just check out how good these all look together.

Went out with the girls Sat night tripping the light fantastic and that always calls for savvy evening wear and high high heels. So that's today's shoe watch.

Check out the purple tights, my fave at the moment

Ooooh shes such a lady!!!


Bobs said...

Grrrrrrrr for car troubles. They're right pain in the whatsit!

Love the shoes and OMG the tights!! The colour reminds me of the colour I used to wear when I was a mere stripling of 14 - 15 years old ..... Dusky Pink, from Timpson! They were expensive back then, so any rips or holes were carefully sewn up. Looking back, I bet they were a right mess! Lolol

Hope you get the car fixed soon.


Marie R said...

Hope you didn't behave yourself on your night out with the girls!!

Marie R said...

Hope you didn't behave yourself on your night out with the girls!!!

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