Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paper Artsy Special Offer EDITED VERSION

Edit 3 Still wont let me do links!!! Aaaargh!!

Edit 2 Yeyy, I think its gonna work now, fingers crossed

EDIT-- AAARRRGGGHHHH it wont let me put the photos or links on !!!!!! Ive been trying for three hrs and I am giving up, thats right giving up! To see the special offer go to www.afth.co.uk, into Go shopping, onto the Paper Artsy page, and into special offers. Sos but its the best I can do tonight. Will try and get them all loaded in the morning xx

well the day started off beaut!! One of my ladies brought me the most gorgeous bunch of flowers, what a darling!!! Thank you Ann. Love you lots.

Today's class was background techniques and tags using the fabby paper Artsy Christmas stamps. These stamps are timeless and I bring them out year after year. I always buy my stamps ready mounted onto Easi Mount, and Paper Artsy always offer you that option. I would rather pay that little bit extra than faff around mounting them myself. So we have decided to offer you the chance to buy the Xmas set and the Yuletide set ready mounted for the price of the unmounted stamps. Yes you heard right, you can have them ready mounted for only £5.85. You will need to be quick as they flew out the door during class.

These are the Xmas plates

and these are the Yuletide plates

Here are some of the samples from the class

And here are some of the students backgrounds

Great aren't they??

Look who popped into the studio to see me. Ben is from one of my child classes and came along to do the Christmas Advent calendar with the ladies a couple of Weeks back. He worked really hard on the day and took it home to finish. Here is the result . Its nearly as big as him!! Doesn't it look great??

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Veronica said...

Great work ladies, and Ben thats a cool calendar - well done


Vron xx

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