Friday, November 7, 2008

Forgotten pages- oops

After finishing the journal I uploaded the pictures onto the Flickr group and realised I was supposed to do two double spreads - oops!!! so had to quickly whip up a couple more. And what better to do than the gorgeous shimmer backgrounds I have been raving about. Just cant get enough of them! lol. Then my usual scribbling a story throughout the negative spaces.

I didn't pick the colours just picked up the nearest sprays to me, but loved the result. It just called for this serene image of the Bhodavista.

The background of the tags were created by using Tim's new masks and inks. And again lots of grungeboard letters.

You can see the tag background closer here.

I stamped using a black archival ink so that it would show up over the shimmer.

I seem to have spent my whole life doodling!!!

So two spreads completed -- now it can start its journey!!!!


Bobs said...

I'd have been in SUCH a panic if it was me! Yet, you have managed to create stunning pages at the drop of a hat!

I'm truly not worthy! :)


Eveline said...


You're not 'supposed to' do two spreads, that depends on how much room you have for everyone to do in your book. But I like the idea of two spreads for everyone. ;)

Love love love the pages you did! Can't wait to see them up close!

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