Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bras, Blurs and Bonny Ben

Well the day has passed in a blur again!!! Is it a sign of old age cos I aint ready for that yet!! Didnt get chance to post last night , I was straight to sleep as soon as I got in. Got another pic from one of the kids classes. These are a few of the slightly older girls.

They have put a lot of time and effort into them and it really shows doesnt it..Been working like mad on the articles for the mags. Got a few sneek peeks here for you.

Now I just need to finish all the instructions. Internet playing up tonight , already lost it all once!!!!! Goddam it!!! But I am taking deep breaths ( whilst muttering the F word, oops) and I am sure that utter calm will suddenly descend upon me, so that I can redo it all again.


Okay It is confirmed

Pop Star Album with Lance Anderson from Rusty Pickle - 16th Dec - 12-3pm

Class Description - Create a 6in x 12in Funky school keepsake album using some of the latest Rusty Pickle products including the new "Popstar" line, along with a combination of Chipboard and acrylic album pages. You will be adding your own personal touch through out the album with lots of added embellishments, colour and doodling, whilst creating a practical, yet very "COOL" keepsake that will be the envy of every school child - boy or girl.

White Christmas Album with Lance Anderson from Rusty Pickle - 16th Dec - 4-7pm

Class Description - a 6 page 12x12 chipboard album in Rusty Pickle's gorgeous new White Christmas range of papers and goodies. All Lance has to say about this class is that it is absolutely gorgeous!!

Yeyy, we,ve pinned him down. Just press on the class name and it will take you staraight to the booking page or you can ring us at the studio.

This will be the last time he will be in England for a while, so make the most of it. He is a fabby teacher and an experience not to be missed.

You also need to know that these classes are really good value as you will be getting between £35-£40 worth of product in each one!!!! Coooool eh? This means your tuition from the one and only Mr Pickle is in effect FREE. Ha ha I always said he was "cheap and easy" !!! lol

Ok no shoe watch today - its been replaced by bra watch!! ha ha . Yes it was the Marks and Spencers ( other underwear shops are available lol ) 20 % off sale today. I just happened to be walking past , accidently fell in and found myself with carrier bag in hand. It was like being on auto pilot. Not quite sure what happened there?? And I think the christmas spirit is rushing in as shades of fired brick and aged mahogany were the ones that jumped out. Ooooh and look what is it with me and polka dots???? Wouldnt Valentine papers be scrummy in these. How sad that I,m even finding inspiration in the underwear departments. LMAO!!

Anyone of a nervous disposition look away now!!

Ha ha Mr Unbribeable will never forgive me for that.

Oooooh talking of Ben , it was my little babies birthday today. Yes he was all of 26 yrs old. How, when ?? He was born , I blinked and here we are. My bonny bouncing 10lb 9oz blue eyed boy is a strapping hulk of a prop forward!!! Yes I know I was a child bride lol. Happy birthday babes xxxxx


Bobs said...

Gawjusssss bras!! I'm afraid my assets are a little too ample for any of those pretty M&S bras.

Hope everyone who goes to the Rusty Pickle workshops appreciates how truly lucky they are! :)


Sharon said...

Dyan those RP classes look fab!!
I don't suppose you have any plans on selling them along with instructions for those that live too far away????

PS Gorgeous bras!! Just what you need to cheer you up in this weather!

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