Saturday, November 15, 2008

Students shoe watch

Just a quickie before I fly out the door. Had a great workshop today, quite a few new ladies. Its always nice to see new faces entering the studio. I do always warn them that its a bit like the twilite zone, once they,re in - they,re in.!! My studio is nice and enticing and extremely dangerous lol. So many goodies to look at.

Jeanne (chocolate lady) brought along her own shoe watch. She bought them yesterday and brought them to the studio. Here they are.

I think it would be ace if everyone brought their favourite shoes and wore them to class. Think about it next time you are coming.

Fabby, fabby, fabby class tomorrow - Art journals, cant wait.


Trace Dee said...

Dyan we missed you at the NEC yesterday. we spent all day looking for you. we eventually looked in the program and you wern't there. we heard lots of people grumbling that they couldnt find the blond moments lady.

we will have to plan a trip to your fab studio instead.



Bobs said...

Oh my word - those shoes took sooooo soft and comfy! I don't have anything that could compete with those! :)


chocolate lady said...

Hi Dyan
i'm glad the ladies like the shoes.
Had a great time today doing the journal. See you next week. Looking forward to see kirsty.

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