Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eat ,drink and be crafty!!

ell are we having a great time or what. This is such a great relaxed weekend with a great bunch of ladies. Friday night is always a bit of a strange one as people wind down from the weeks activities and get to know there fellow crafters. I knew this lot were going to be lively, tho, right from the start. We started off with a lovely simple Christmas book to get everyone in the swing.

esential supplies are always on hand!!!

The wine is only dished out when the book is nearly finished , other wise I would struggle to get any sense out of them!!! So until then this was the drinks order lol

Fridays shoe watch - Christine came dressed in pyjamas complete with cute little tootsie warmers, sweet aren't they??

My bezzie Lisa T is stopping at mine and because I have been moaning about the state of my house for ages ( As the kids leave home , half of my stuff seems to as well lol") and as she is the most fabulous interior designer , we decided to do a bit of an "Anne Maurice around the house. Ooh my head is buzzing with how fabulous it is all going to look. A makeover here , a splash of paint there and a little tweak in between ,apparently that is all it needs and it is all going to be done by Christmas . Yeah Right !!!

Our other bezzie , the wonderfully talented and getting slimmer by the day Kirsty Wiseman had rung earlier in the day wanting to speak to me and as it was late we had text her to say we were home. Now Kirsty is famous for never returning texts. I thought that her phone probably didn't have a txt facility on it ha ha and so we had left it in the car charging. On the way to bed we retrieved the phone and on it was a text message from her , Yes a text from Kirsty Bejeezez!!! We were both so shocked that we had to have photographic evidence that we werent dreaming. See below for proof.

So then we had another hours phone conversation with lots of laughing and holding of sides. Although we were shattered and it was really late there is no nicer feeling in the world than the connection you get with your bestest pals. All three of us are now self employed, female entrepreneurs, all at different stages in our journey, and it is fab to know that we are always there supporting each other along the way.

Saturday was a fabby day from start to finish, but we were sooo busy I forgot to take many photos , but will fill in lots more tomorrow. Lisa T and I had Thai food for tea and even though I went for the mildest one my lips still went numb!! I am such a wimp with spicy food aren't I. ?? Hope I don't live to regret it tomorrow. lol


Mrs Wonka said...

Ohhhhhh it looks like you had so much fun!!!! Chocolate, slippers, Christmas,cutting & sticking all my fave things in one day. Please can you relocate to Sussex??? You can teach me to tear and be messy and use ink without distressing my arms!

Miss you both and hope you are remembering to feed and water my little duchess!

Mrs W xxx

angie's blogspot said...

looks a lotta fun! Thanks Dyan sooooooo much for my prize it's fandabbydozeeeeeeeeeee.

chocolate lady said...

Hi Dyan
thanks for a great weekend.
Haven't laughed so much for a long time. So many to things to do and not enough time in one weekend.
You spoil us I don't know anyone else who does all the projects you do in a weekend.
Love you lots see you next week.
Jeanne x

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