Monday, November 17, 2008

Is that the Time???

OK here is a really really late post. Sorry!!! I have spent most of the night on the phone. The world and his wife needed to speak to me tonight. Typical when i have sooooo much to do tonight. I am way behind on the deadlines for the magazines ( why aren't you surprised?) and Ive got kit instructions coming out of my ears. So it will be at least 3am before Ican pass out, so I hope you will excuse the short post. Promise I will do better tomorrow, honest.

Wanted to say something about the comments on the journal day yesterday. Many of you are saying that you wish you had signed up for it now you've seen what we are doing. Well its not too late you know. Sign up for the next one - The Covers - on Dec 7th with everyone else and I will put in a special catch up day for those of you who missed yesterday. Hows that.?? To tired to put i9n a link lol but if you ring us we can book you down 01423 873739. Don't confuse The Goddess or The Unbribeable One by explaining as I haven't told them yet. Just book for the Covers class and leave the rest to me.

Cant tell you the winner of the glue stick competition yet, cos only The Goddess knows the correct amount and I think she would kill me if I rang her now lol I,ll sort it for tomorrow though, Promise.

Here's a few sneaks of one of the articles SSSHHHH!!!!!!!

Ooh not sure where that cupcake came from!!!!


cottagerca said...

Nice colour tones!!!
ava, cottagerca

Bobs said...

Oooooh - I like the look of those sneak peeks ...... and the cupcake too! Yum!

3.00am to bed? I get up every weekday at 4.15am to get prepared and get to work by 6.15am! Grrrrrrrr.

Hope you manage to get to bed at a more decent time tonight. :)

Take care


ForgedinPaper said...

I hope you put that cupcake out of it's misery!

chrisg said...

ohh my... loving the look of those metalic looking embellies :D
cupcake looks yummy too LOL

would you consider online classes that ppl can sign up to and have access to Dyan? - would love to come to shoppee but soooo far away :(

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