Thursday, November 27, 2008

Would you like Pickle with that??

Yayy, guess what came bundling thru the studio doors this morning. It was my fave UPS guy, he is soooo goddam cute!!! And what did he have with him but my missing Rusty Pickle order. Woop woop. And he had to carry it uo 4 flights of stairs as the lift is broken. Mr Unbribeable has got it all out and displayed in the shop and should have it uploaded to the website tomorrow for you. The newest papers - White Christmas - are absolutely gorgeous, muted reds and greens and vintage images . I,ll try to get you some peeks tomorrow, or get yourself down to the studio and see for yourself.

Have spent most of the morning with the Resident bit of Glamour who popped in to help me finish all the samples for Craft Stamper magazine. It is really exciting as I have designed the cover mount stamp for their February issue. Cant give you any sneaks as yet but I will tell you that it is gorgeous and so lovely to use, that its one stamp (actually its two, even better) you cant afford to miss. So make sure you get your copy reserved. Katy , the Editor , has her own blog now so pop over and have a look at whats going on. She is coming on the Scrap Attack weekend tomorrow and is terrified I am going to whip her up into a frenzy and work her to death. Moi ?? as if LOL. I will try to do a couple of blogs throughout each day so you can keep up with all the fun we are having. (Sos Kirsty, don't read it or you will just get P***ed off, babes).
we also have the pleasure of the Gorgeous Jane AKA Lisa T. If you thought Kirsty was bad , she is even worse. Tena Lady milk is definitely called for , I,ve got lots on order. She is really quiet and polite when you first meet her but don't let that fool ya. Inside is a female Peter Kay just bursting to get out.

I have to be up for 6 in the morning to get to Asda to get all the food for the weekend. I, ll be picking up the Goddess on the way cos we always need two trolleys full. and then its all systems go checking kits etc ready for the fun to begin. Better stock up on the Pro Plus. Speaking of which. I never got round to showing you all this fabby pressie from the lovely Sharon.
She has done quite a few of my classes here and in Holland and always attends the Scottish retreat at McDuff that I teach at. It is a little hand made box full of Pro Plus . She always says 6 Pro Plus equals my energy in a class lol. So thanks again Sharon ans sorry its taken me this long to showcase it. Why dont you nip over to her blog . She always has lots of lovely pics of all her works in progress.

Just had time to start my pages in Julias art journal. It is in very restful colours and even has a calming quote. Hmmm not sure whats going on there!!! LOL I didn't get much further than doodling leaves up the sides but I am loving it already! Hope she loves the finished work.

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Sharon said...

Ooooh yes Dyan I so hope you have warned all the ladies attending this weekends scrapattack to have the pro plus ready!!
I tell you I could do with some of that just now too!!

Have fun this weekend :-)

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