Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Alls well in the end!

Some mornings you wake up without a care in the world (ok I lied just then, but you know what I mean!). Today I got up really early , finished off loads of jobs, worked a bit and even dabbled with my art journaling, all before 7.30 am. I had a feeling that although I was busy as usual, that the day would just get better. How wrong can you be?? First of all I found out that the Rusty Pickle delivery, needed for Scrap Attack this weekend was, in fact , sitting in California (don't even go there ) without a hope in hells chance of getting here. Aaargh what do I do, I needed it for workshops , I need it to go online, I need it to sell. OMG I just NEED IT OK!!! have you seen how fabby and gorgeous it is??? Plan B went to Plan M as the day ticked by. One by one everything went wrong till it couldn't get any worse. Eventually I relaxed and resigned myself to the fact it wasn't coming and there was nothing I could do about it. I was sat here in bed about an hour ago when suddenly it all started falling into place. The lovely Landon from Rusty Pickle (who in my head looks just like Brad Pitt lol) rang with the great news that ,Yes it will be here. I think he is strapping it to his back and swimming across the ocean to deliver it personally - there I go dreaming again lol. I mean I wont actually hold my breath but the outlook is getting decidedly rosier.

Speaking of Rusty Pickle , the lovely Lance ( note hes lovely again this evening now my stuff is coming , not the adjective I applied this morning . Sorry about that !! ha ha ) has sold out in "The White Christmas " workshop and only has a few places left in the other. If you want to participate you will need to be quick. We are starting a waiting list and I will try to persuade him to do more , but I cant guarantee it.

We have the Princess Coach album class tomorrow and I thought I would give you a few sneaks of it. I am really pleased with it. It is sprayed in my fave inks and B/M pigment pearls to give it that magical shimmery look. Of course mine contains the most beautiful princess in the whole world- Maisie. I think we have a few blank ones stashed away , so if there are any left after the class I am sure we will get them online for you.


Bobs said...

Awwww, Maisie is so pretty!
Love that album.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, that the Rusty Pickle stash arrives safely and on time!


angie's blogspot said...

awwww that is gorgeous, pity we don't have any girlies in the family, maisie is beautiful

Melius 11 said...

Love the princess album. hope to get to a class soon and will do this as a catch up. Your Maisie looks gorgeous and i have some fab photos of my own little princess which will just do the job!

Been reading your blog and all about the fabby weekend. bet you needed your Tena Lady (milk) ha ha!

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