Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lovely bakers

Well I,ve typed this three times and each time its kicked me out. Awww the joys of the internet eh?? First of all I need to show you a pic of one of my bezzies mates the gorgeous Su. She is normally delicately dressed in jeans and Dr Martens. Much to every ones surprise she is actually a professional women with a highly demanding job ( I know laughable isn't it lol. Sos Su you know I luv you) Well she popped in yesterday and I nearly passed out with shock. See pic below.

Yes for those who know her she does possess legs and shoes (girly ones at that)!!

Todays workshop was the gorgeous Daisy D planner and was the usual riot of fun and laughter!! Ive tried being calm and professional but its just not the same is it?? Elaine the Baker was on it but had no baking with her. Its a good job Mr unbribeable wasn't there or he would have evicted her straight away. She did have a valid excuse tho, shes back again tomorrow and is bringing it then Yeyy. I baggsy first sniff.
Her partner in crime the Lisa my lovely saved the day with her own baking, and by gum it smelt good. Please note it is not a requirement of the classes to bring along home baking or chocolate, but it don't half get you on the favourites list quicker ha ha .

Just wanted to show you this lovely book in a tin that Elaine the baker made Lisa My Lovely for her birthday. It is a gorgeous book full of Elaines original recipies. What a wonderful idea and such a personalised gift. I just need her to make me one thats like a "scratch n sniff"". Wouldnt that be cool???

Many of the recipies are laminated , brill in a messy kitchen.

I also love the fact that she has used her own handwriting.

Look at the cool rolling pin

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Unknown said...

I Love the recipe box Elaine has made. We have been on one class at the same time and she is so lovely.I hope you have had a lovely weekend and i am sorry i have missed these classes but there are only so many times i am allowed to come b4 Xmas LOL. But he hasnt figured out i use the online shop yet in between.
Steph x

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