Wednesday, October 1, 2008

... Fine And Dandy ...

Well the doom and gloom has lifted, i woke up this morning feeling loads better. Still a bit swolen and painful but much improved. Not sure how i got through all the workshops yesterday. I couldn't have done it without Pam- my lovely lovely teaching assistant, she is very shy so you will never see a photo of her but she plays a vital part in the running of the studio. We love her!!!
Spent monday finishing the Daisy D album class it's a gatefold album in there lovely nostalgic christmas papers. There is still a few places left if you would like to join us?
... Shoe Watch ...
Because i was such a scruff yesterday i thought i would smarten up today. So heels and bows set the tone.

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Bobs said...

Oh, how I wish I lived closer to your studio. I'd be going to all the classes (work permitting! lol).

So glad to hear you're feeling better today.


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