Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pyjama party!!!

Are abscesses catching I wonder. Poor Ems ( goddess extraordinaire) has now got one so is in pain and really miserable. I think we are the antibiotic family!!! And Ben has now put his back out at rugby so they are a real barrel of laughs!! I meanwhile have got my mojo back, finally, which is a good job as I am charging around like a mad woman (no change then).

Loads of people have commented about the journaly canvas that I made. Whenever they visit the studio they are always shocked at the size of it . Apparently on the blog it looks quite small. So heres a life size pic to give you a better idea.

My older girls art class decided to come themed tonight, they all turned up in night wear complete with eye masks slippers and teddies. They want to repeat it next week and are making me join in. As I actually dont have any night wear (well none that I can be seen in public with) I am going to have to go out and buy some. They have just all finished making a technique mirror. They have done a fab job and really enjoyed doing it. They are now starting on the covers for their art journals, using lots of the techniques they learnt.

Shoe watch. No new shoes to report today so I thought I would show you a pic of where I keep some of them. I love my shoes so like to keep them on display in my room where I can see them. Simple pleasures are the best.

Talking about pleasurable things I am absolutely loving the new Killers single - Human. It reminds of their old stuff and I cant stop singing it. Ben is in despair as they are his favourite band and I am just killing them for him!! lol


Bobs said...

Blimey - I had no idea the canvas was that size!!

Love the shots of the PJ party girls. They look like they're having a fabby time! :)

Also love the shoe display. If I had shoes as lovely as yours, they might be on display too. As it is, I don't think Mnay pairs of different coloured Crocs would make a good room accessory! Lol

Believe it or not, I'm a heavy metal freak and have just got Metallica's new album! Wow!! It's SO them getting back to their metal roots. Fan-metal-tastic, it is!


P.S. Hope Ems is feeling better soon.

Michelle Green said...

Loving the shoes on display, I am trying to convince OH that we NEED a shoe room! Imagine that, a whole room full of pretty shoes!


Dylan said...

lol I dont imagine I have!!!! dont persuade him just do it and blame me ha ha

Mary said...

The tutorial was great, it was as if you were telling me exactly what to do. You are inspirational as well as such fun. Just love your classes!

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