Thursday, October 9, 2008

Journal peeks

Well its going well so far. Ive only lost a few pictures along the way. Still cant get the spacing right tho!! Never mindI am sure I will get better lol.

I have spent the day working really hard on the new samples. Wanted to give you a few sneak peaks but Ben (he who must be obeyed) has banned me until next week. So sorry about that. Preview days will be Sun 19th and Mon 20th October and I will tell you more about it later.

I have joined a worldwide art journal round robin (try saying that late on a Sat night!!). There are 10 of us all participating and I am really looking forward to it. It is always fab to see other peoples work and even better that you eventually get to keep it. Like building up your own little art gallery. The only panic is what will other people think of your art. Still love it or hate its a little bit of me.

Thought I would show you a few more pages from my journal. If you remember I was going to do a page a day for the whole month. Did I do it ?? Did I heck (laughing my a**e off) But at least I had fun. I would say that I will try harder this month but I cant see it. I am a deadline kind of gal. Everything is always right up to the deadline (just ask all the editors I work with lol). But ufortunately when its your own you can just keep shifting the deadline cant you?

Got a really busy weekend coming up. Life book album on Sat and Craft day on Sun. There are still a few places left and I would include photos and a link but I cant remember how to do it lol!!!

Ben will kill me tomorrow. But you can always go onto and look under workshops.

I,m working late tonight. I am waiting for a call from Lance (Mr Rusty Pickle himself) . He rang last night is checking dates and supposedly ringing back tonight to confirm. But it would easier to plait wind than rely on him!! But he is worth it I think he is a fab teacher and really interacts with the class. If you have never been taught by him before you are in for a treat. I just need to keep him sweet with pizza and pickles !! Hopefully tho I should be able to give you workshop details and dates in the next few days. Its strange here on a night cos there is always lots of big macho men attending the TaeKwondo ( have I spelt that right?). Its on the floor above me and all you can hear is loud grunts and bangs!!! So I have whacked up the cd player to drown them out. It would make me laugh if they were having to do all there moves in time to my Northern Soul!!


Bobs said...

Ooooh - I wouldn't mind watching some big, macho men doing TaiKwanDo (no idea how to spell it!)!
Mind you, I wouldn't mind an audience with Mr R. Pickle either.

I take it you're going barefoot today, as there are no shoes to be seen! :)


Eveline said...

I'm itching to get started on our Art Journal Round Robin, but like you, slightly suffering from the 'blank page fear'. I will get over it though, as soon as I made my first mark I should be fine. ;)

Bobs said...

Forgot to say that I absolutely LOVE your journal pages!


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