Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bringer of cake

So its sunday already. Where do the days go? Weve had craft day today, always eventful. The idea is that if you couldnt make a class for some reason heres your chance to catch up. Everyone is doing different projects and I run around like a mad woman,trying to sort them all out.

Today went really smoothly though - could it have been the addition of cake. One of my lovely, lovely ladies Elaine is not very well but whenever she does she always brings homemade cake. I cant eat cake due to my many intolerances but I have to confess I am a secret cake sniffer!! Oh yes give me a cake and the first thing I do is sniff - hard. Thats all, no nibbling tasting or stuffing it in, just sniffing.

Forgot to mention yesterday that the lovely Jeanne brought me a pressie. Its a cup and spoon, complete with emergency teabag, all my out of basic Grey paper. Fab isnt it. Can you see the spoon? She scanned one and then curved the bowl. It can go sit on my cupboard next to my Tims teabags. Thanks Jeanne.

Finished another christmas project off today so heres a sneak peek ( yes still no Ben ha ha, tho I am sure he will rollock me tomorrow).

Forgot to tell you Kirstie Wiseman ( bezzie mate and scrapbooking goddess) is going to be teaching a class for me in Nov. And I have persuaded her to do a monthly spot after christmas. Now we all know I am not renowned for my scrap booking expertise and in my eyes she is THE BEST!!!! Cant wait but be warned I think it will sell out straight away so you will need to book on preview to be in with a chance.

Still no news from Lance ( Mr Pickle), I ,ll give him to the middle of the week and then hes in big trouble lol.
Ok gotta go now and carry on working ready for preview. Enjoy!!


Melius 11 said...

Sounds like a great day. I have so missed coming so must get to a class VERY soon. Also sorry to have missed Elaine's cake. We had Aussie relatives staying with us which is why i didn't make it today. But must add that our lovely lovely lady Elaine made a scrummy fruit cake for me to present to the relatives. It went down very well indeed. Hope to see you soon Dyan, had email from elaine updating what's coming up so watch this space. lisa x

Bobs said...

OMG! Your sneaky peek looks suspiciously like something I have been working on this past week!

It must be awful to be intolerant to cake. I mean, it's cake! What is life without cake? Are there any alternatives you CAN eat?

Hope Ben doesn't rollick you too much!


Dylan said...

Hi Lisa you are missed and hope to see you soon.
To |Bobs thankyou for your lovely comments . I do enjoy reading them. I dont mind not having cake I dont really have a sweet tooth, I just enjoy sniffing it ha ha . There are alternatives I can eat but I never bother it would be tastier to eat a kitchen roll lol

Unknown said...

Thankyou again for a great day. Elaines cake was lovely and it was nice to spend a whole day crafting as there is rarely time .
see you soon

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