Sunday, October 19, 2008


Oh it is driving me mad tonight . this is the 3rd time of trying to post and if it doesn't work I am giving up. Mind you how will you know?? lol There will just be a blank empty space. I don't know whats up with the Internet tonight, Is the world and his wife on it? Do they not have better things to do?? lol

Today was the first day of preview and it went really well. i only had one or two of the workshops not quite finished!! Big achievement. Pat on back!!! If you couldn't make it don't forget there is always tomorrow. We are open 10 - 5pm for you to view, chat ,make a cup of tea, do a bit of dusting!! OK only kidding on the last one ,but I wont stop you if you insist.If you've never been to the studio before it is an ideal time to come. Check out the latest workshops and get 10% off your shopping as well.

I have decided that one day this week I am not going in. Yes that's right I am going to call in sick lol!!! I am going to stay home and play. Nothing for work , purely just for me. I need to be free with my paints and journals with no interuption. Its a necessity to recharge my flagging creative batteries. A bit like filling your tank with petrol.!!Ill stock up on the frankfurters and double cream ( tho obviously not together) turn the phone off and play. I,ll update you with the results as they happen. lol.

Ive got a masterclass on alcohol inks to write this week for Simply cards and papercrafts. Ha ha late as usual deadline was last Friday. I think they now tell me the wrong deadline to fool me. And talking of magazines I have just finished designing the cover stamp for the valentine issue of Craft Stamper. Ooh i bet you cant guess the theme!!lol. Looking forward to getting my hands on it to make the samples.

Right one last go with pictures and if they don't appear I am giving up lol. See you .


Bobs said...

No pictures, but a fab blog entry anyway!

I think you're quite right to have a day off to what YOU want. Nobody should have to work 7 days per week anyway. I'd be in the funny farm if I had to do that!

Hope you manage to get piccies in your next entry!

Take care,


Marie R said...

Great to speak with you this morning Dyan and thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.

You actually sounded like you need at least two days off! After all if you call in sick just for one day the girls and Ben won't believe you!!!!!

Michelle Green said...

Ooooo I love taking a sicky when i'm not actually sick! In fact I quite begrudge having to take a sicky when I am sick lol

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