Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shimmer and shine

One of my favourite classes today. The shimmer and shine technique workshop. This is all the techniques you could want to know about the Blonde Moments pearl pigments. W e used them dry , we turned them into shimmery pearly paints and we mixed them with Tim Holtz Distress re-inkers for fabulous backgrounds. Those of you who regularly read this already know how in love with this I am!!! lol, and I just love it when the student s feel exactly the same half way thru the class.

Here are some of the students hard at work!! Can you apot the lovely Elaine aka Cake lady?? Todays cake was shop bought , But we let her off because we lurve her and it was chocolate and fresh cream. Sos forgot to take a photo before it was eaten , and yes I had a good sniff of the chocolate to satisfy my taste buds!!! lol

Here are some of the scrummy backgrounds that they made. I really wanted to collect them all in and not let them take them home , but I think I probably would have been lynched!! lol

Love, love, love these next two.

Tomorrow I will show you some more tags and backgrounds made with this technique and on Thursday I will do a step by step tutorial with it. If you want to play along this is what youll need:-

Blonde moments pearl pigments

Distress Ink pads

Distress reinkers

Mini misters

Black archival ink pad

Black perfect medium pad

Clear embossing powder

White gel pen (this is the best on the market)

heat resistant craft sheet

heat gun

paper towel

off white card

OOh cant wait!!!

Edit - Wow look at all those linky babies!!!!


Bobs said...

You should move ... lock, stock and barrel, to Aberdeenshire - just so I can come to your workshops! :)

Fabby backgrounds, there!

Well done for the linky things too!!


Dylan said...

Aaawww thanks Bobs, you always leave me such lovely comments and they are always appreciated.

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