Friday, October 10, 2008

Sneaky peeks (Bens not here) lol

YEEEYYY its Friday!! Although I work all weekend I always feel better when it gets to Friday. I think its all those years of going out partying!! I ve got Pete Tong (Radio 1) blasting out those dance tunes and I am partying around the studio whilst setting up for tomorrows class. Its a good job Ben and Ems have already left. They really despair of me sometimes lol whilst waiting for me to mature and age gracefully. NEVER I say never.

Whilst Ben isnt here I have taken some sneaky pics of some of Nov/Dec workshops. Couldnt wait till next week. Patience has never been my strong point lol!! Also been playing around with canvas, calico, and hessian!!.SSSHHHH will reveal all later.

Something that I am itching to get my hands on is the 7gypsiesMOULIN 97% complete journal kit. It comes complete with decorated pages and dividers (both double sided) pockets journaling cards and stickers. The colours are just gorgeous. For those of you who are frightened of starting journalling it is a fab base to work from. I dont think I would use it all as one but would split it and incorporate it into other projects. I would give you a link but - youve guessed it - I cant remember how to do it ha ha . ( Note to self ask Ems to show me again) But if you go to and look under 7gypsies you will find it.

So what I am I dancing around in,in the studio. Well you cant rave in heels so luckily today I am wearing my trusty Uggs. (Please never ever let them go out of fashion!!)

Have a beaut weekend whatever you are doing. Be like me and only do stuff you love!


Bobs said...

Ooooh, Dyan - I lurrrrrve those books! I must go and have a look at the Moulin stuff.
I won't tell Ben you sneaky peeked! :)

Also love your Uggs. I've always wanted a pair, but haven't succeeded yet. They just look so comfy and cosy!


Rachelxx said...

I love my Uggs too Dyan - they are soooo comfy.

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