Monday, October 6, 2008

getting to grips with technology!!!

Bumper one today!!!

Firstly a big linky shout out to Calv who has left me a glowing report on his blog. He came to visit the shop with his girlfriend and friend. I was running around like a mad thing as usual but they were really friendly and enthusiastic, so it was a pleasure to spend time with them.It is so nice to receive lovely comments and is really appreciated. I checked out his blog and i really recommend you take a look. He has some really cool ideas and it is so nice to see a man in the crafting world. I love the fact he talks about all the things that go wrong, I have always said that the reason I know what I do is because I have done everything wrong again and again!!!! So Calv keep it up and thankyou.

Fridays class was the Paper Artsy house tags. We had great fun with it. I made a new sample in different colours and used the Blonde Moments Friends Junction papers.I love it and not sure which I prefer now. OOh toughy that, I didnt think anything could topple my fave pink and turquoise. Maybe its cos winter is fast setting in?

Saturday seemed to be manic in the shop and studio with people in and out all day (sat is normally our quietest day), not necessarily buying but coming for advice or to show me projects or ideas. I love it when you show me projects you have done. One of my customers Kate bought some of the Claudine Hellmuth paints from me at the Harrogate show and I did warn her that she would need them all. Well I was right she did and she has!!! She had made some lovely Atcs with the paints so I thought I would share them with you.
Not sure if you can pick up the vibrancy from this. Seriously these paints should come with an addiction warning. Be warned lol !!

Sunday Ispent sat in bed all day trying to master the lap top. I am determined that I will get the hang of it. I did really well (Emmi is now passing out with shock!!). I loaded things, I worked out how to attatch photos to emails and get the photos on in the first place. I know, I know all simple stuff to the rest of you but massive for me!!! lol I am always conscious that I dont blog enough and it is because Ben and Emmi are not always around or r too busy! This way it will be down to me. So be prepared for some odd blogs - upside down photos etc. I will do my best.

Shoe watch - is a repeat of my fave "Art" boots but I wanted to show you my tights.I think they are so cool and nice and warm in this chilly spell. Maisie( the most beautiful granddaughter in the whole world) likes them. She said I look just like her!!! Not quite the look I was going for but I still love em.

Talking of Maisie - check out this photo. Maisie with her little friend Ruby. They look so sweet dont they? Maisie looks massive next to Ruby though? Makes you realise how quick they grow up!! Check out Maisies silver footie boots. Maybe she should join shoewatch lol

OOOhh just landed - the 7gypsies order. Ben is ripping the boxes open as we speak. Ooh gotta go and investigate ha ha !!


Bobs said...

Yay for you getting to grips with your laptop! Honestly, it can't be all that hard because, let's face it, I can do it!!!

Awww, Maisie is a little cutie! Bless her.

Those boots just look soooooooo comfy. :)


Dylan said...

I am so proud of myself, but I am sure I will have forgotten it all by tomorrow ha ha

claudine hellmuth said...

hey thanks for the mention! I linked to you in today's blog post!

maddy hill said...

Hi Dylan , It was nice to meet you too ! x Your shop is like an aladins cave ! I loved rooting through all the discount baskets too !
love the tags !
happy crafting !
maddy x ( the fruit inkers girlfriend , Calv lol)

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