Monday, October 6, 2008

can it work??

hey all . You cant believe how much it meant to me that I personally posted the last blog. I am so proud and keep going to check that it is still there ( I know how sad) The goddess that is (Ems) did help of course even tho it took hours.At times she couldnt help for laughing or were they tears of despair - not sure!!! lol. Anyway it has fired me up to try it all by myself. I am sat on my bed , rosary beads in one hand so here we go!!! Apologies if after this nothing makes sense.

Frst thing i want to show u is part of a project my mate Su is doing. She was stuck for ideas of how to update herr girls many school portraits. Weve thrown lots of ideas around and come up with this and its really cool. She is great at her art but lacks confidence so brought it to show me. I think it looks fab and so she is going to doa lot more to match. They will all be on block canvas,s,(diff sizes) all different colours, but with the negative theme running thru to combine them.

Su keep going I think your hall will look ace when you have finished and then you can start on mine!! lol

I have treated myself this week to some "me art time" I have joined an online art class with Suzi Blu. Its called Petite dolls and artt healing journals. When I will get the time I just dont know but I am determined to. Her style is not what I am used to but I absolutely love it! Go check her out here . You will love her . she lives in her own little world and I want to visit it.

I am an absolute sucker for magazines (especially anything to do with interiors or fashion) and I found a beauty today. Its called Another Magazine. Its not cheap £6.95, yes you heard bme correctly but its only bi annual and worth every penny I feel. It has page after page of stunning images of fashion. I am going to combine them with my love of art journaling so watch this space!!! My head is absolutely buzzing with inspiration and I have only had time for a quick flick through. Cant start it yet though as I am supposed to be finishing all the Nov/Dec workshop samples ha ha . I am so easily distracted arent I. But fear not Ben (he who must be obeyed and unbribeable) has threatened me with near death if I dont buckle down. He has also bribed me by letting me steal lots of the new 7gypsies goodies to use. More about those tomorrow.

Right its now time to add all the links and photos and this is where it will prob all go wrong so fingers crossed ha ha

Oh quick shoe watch - in bed so just barefoot lol.


Bobs said...

Woohoooooo!! Your first solo post - and it's perfect. Piccies too. Well done, you!

Wish I had loads of 7 Gypsies stuff to pinch! Lolol


Anonymous said...

There's no excuse now - mulitple daily blogger - well done!!
Painting and playing at canvases is much more fun than painting walls so the decoration will just have to wait.....unlike your samples ;o)

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