Thursday, September 24, 2009

When was the last time you rode the top deck..???

Today was Maisie day , where I get to indulge in her company all day long. My little piece of heaven in my ever turbulent world. We had a gorgeous day which ended with a birthday tea for her Daddy. My youngest son Tom was 25 yesterday. WTF???? 25..??? When did he grow up ( oh sorry, forgot hes a man hes not going to is He??lol) ((Oops sorry Paul , Brian and the rest, you know I,m seriously tongue in cheek!!!)) Anyway he might be 25 and 6ft 3in but hes still my baby all the same. When he was born he was massive. He weighed 10lb 14oz and he was so long that he only just fitted into the cots in the nursing home. The normal nappies didn't fit him and so the nurses had to run to the chemist across the road for bigger ones, lol. He never crawled at all, just shuffled on his bottom now and again, and then at the age of 9mths he just stood up and walked and hes never stopped since. I know you night find this rather frightening but he is just like me!!! The other 3 are real laid back and Tom is the hyperactive, workaholic, cant sit still,want it all now and wont stop till he gets it. Does that sound familiar..???? At the age of one he was wearing clothes for 3 yr old and had to have new shoes every 3 to 4 weeks, but now hes as skinny as a lamppost, not an ounce on him..!!! But as I said before he will always be my happy, always smiling, chubby little babe.
Glad you liked the Banana Splits video. Check this one out. This was also one of my favourite programmes, but now it just seems so cringe worthy. Ha ha they wouldn't get a place on strictly judging by their dancing would they..??

Ok altogether now.......

Get on board! get on board! Come and join the Double Deckers. Take a ticket for our journey, on our double decker London bus. Ring the bell ding ding, toot the horn, honk, honk, when you ride with the Double Deckers. Fun and laughter is what we're after, on our double, double, double decker bus.

Enjoy xx


kjjc said...

oh He will just love you for telling the world about his

Unknown said...

Wow loved that clip - I have often thought things would be a lot simpler if our kids saw the gentle and harmless programmes of our child hood but I dont think Meghan would be that pleased somehow! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and getting messy! Janet

Thomas said...

Hi Dylan,

I really like your style and your blog.

You're a busy woman!

I was wondering if you had an email address, so I can send you a message.



Artyjen said...

Love the clips....two of my all time faves too! Wonder if Colin Firth minds being reminded of the Double Deckers?!

thekathrynwheel said...

I used to so loooove this prog when I was little. Good old-fashioned harmless fun! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Lisa said...

Lol!! Oh Dyan, you have just brought a massive smile to my face with that clip! love it.... I even remembered the words and sang along
Happy days....
Lisa xx

Artyjen said...

Oh!!! Der!!! Meant to type Peter Firth........Sorry know I've loved you forever! What a dimwit!!!!

sharon said...

Hi Dylan! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comments! A lot of intresting things going on over here...I'll have to spend some time! Thank you

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