Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Contractions building nicely....

The Good news.........Look what is sat next to me on the bed tonight...

The Not so Good news......I haven't got any frikkin time to read them.....

Aargh its like a form of slow water torture treatment, extremely painful. I could put them out 0f sight, but that would be such a shame wouldn't it, lol...??? I just love books, I practically devour them, and I could fill my own library and arty, journally, collagey, painty books are an added bonus to a shitty week. So I was nearly peeing my pants when I got in the studio to find these beauties on my desk. Oh yes the wonderful, yes wonderful Ben, had opened the delivery and left me one of each of the new ones. he knows where his breads buttered, lol

First of all I,m going to whizz you through my recommendations

Now I really did wet myself with this ONE !!!

and this ONE
This ONE is a real ooh ahh, touchy stroky..

and THIS is going to teach an old dog new tricks

And THIS one ticks all the right boxes, Crafting AND Collecting..!!
And now for those books that, no matter how many we seem to get, they always fly straight out of the door before they even get online. So here's your chance to get in first.
THIS has been restocked 4 times now

And I don't think THIS has actually made it out of the parcels and onto the shelves before.!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous..
4 th restock this YEAR. !!
We salute the Queen of Journaling, Lynne Perella
and if you haven't go a copy of THIS in your grubby hands yet, then shame on you...!!
So there you go, your essential Summer reading.. All the detailed descriptions are on the links on the website.
Other new stuff which came today was an extremely large restock of Ranger products, including all Tims new releases ,the new colours 0f Distress Stickles and Crackle paint. we also had 3 other deliveries as well!!!!! Look out Macduff its all coming to you...yayys...
Oooooooooooooooh nearly forgot to tell you that contractions started in earnest this morning and we are predicting that I will give birth sometime tomorrow. Woop de frikkin woop, hallelujia!!!.
Yes that right we are launching a new paper range and stamps. Cant tell you much more, but a lot of you have guessed already. They are being launched at The Great Northern Papercrafts Show in a fortnight, but you can see a sneak preview HERE
Ben is going to preview one piece a day for the next week until its great unveiling. So check in each day so you don't miss out.
Lastly I want to leave you with this video of the loovely Judy Wise
She is a fabulous journaller and an absolute inspiration. Just listen to the enthusiasm bursting out of her.

Enjoy xx


Sandra Hall said...

How come you always get a delivery the day after I've visited!!! I just hope it hasn't all sold out before I get there again. I loved the Zetti/beeswax thing and the people who have seen it wanted to keep it! Love you muchly Dy x x x

Lesley Edmonds said...

Art Journals and Creative Healing looks right up my street. I'm a Reiki Practitioner so MUST GET THIS BOOK!
Thanks for the recommendations Dyan.
Lesley x

Unknown said...

Cant wait for the launch i just thought it was papers but stamps too sooooo excited. Only 10 SLEEPS.Workshop and new launch Yay x

wendy vecchi said...

CONGRATS my wild @#& friend!
You're THE PRO!
YOU come HERE!!
Here's to CONTINUED success!

Laura (Faerielore) said...

oh no now theres loads of books i need alwell as stamps, paints, ink and everything else on my never ending list hehehehe

Bobs said...

Ooooooh - I'm one of the Macduff ladies!!!! Whooop-de-doooooo!!

Not long now, Dyan!


Katy said...

oooh loving those books and the video of Judy Wise is fab :)

Can't wait to see the new papers and stamps I'll be there on the Saturday armed with funky shoes ;)


Sharon said...

Not long now Dyan!! 2 sleeps to go before Scrapattack - Woo Hoo
If possible can you bring a copy of the Journal Bliss with you for me to purchase? That will save me P&P LOL
Not sure if you are bringing them up anyway.
One of my friends has asked me to purchase the wooden house and sledge for her that you had with you last year. Will you be bringing them up too?

Darcy Marshall said...

Damn I only have 1 of those books, I feel so inadequate hahaha

Sue Ramsay said...

Oh my that video brought tears to my eyes - how daft am I?
Wish I could do it but dont know where to start
Sue x

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