Monday, October 20, 2008


OOOh deep breaths , deep breaths, in and out, in and out!!!! Sorry but I am hyperventilating so much. The latest Ranger order has ARRIVED!!!! Its got all the rest of the Claudinr Hellmuth products including the absolutely fabby multi-medium, both gloss and matt and her fabby set of brushes.

ANDDDDD also in the boxes is the BRAND NEW stuff from Tim Holtz Ideaologie range. It is absolutely goooorrrrgggeeousssd!!!!!! His new masks with Heidi Swapp are to die forand as for all his new hardware, well, lets just say I think you are going to have to be quick as its not going to hang around for long. As women are in here all day booking workshops its flying off the shelves as fast as Ben can put it out. There are his new shaped fragments, keyholes and washers to name a few.

ANDDD Wait for it--------- his new grunge board - nature , iconic and seasonal. Whey hey it was like opening christmas presents and ripping off the wrapping. I have ,of course, purloined a few things. Only so I can do a thourough road test of them for you!! Not, I hope you understand, for my own purely personal use (as if ha ha ).!!

Ill try and get you some photos later today but if you need to see it click here and it will take you straight there.

Ill also be posting some of the lovely samples for the sillouette class with luscious Jewel coloured pearly backgrounds. OOh hope that teased your tastebuds.


Juliet said...

Well that's just my luck! All the new stock in the day AFTER my visit. I'll just have to come again then and yes, I WILL get on one of those workshops! Off to play with all my lovely goodies from yesterday.
Juliet xx

Michelle Green said..., all sounds uper exciting. Can't wait to see what you produce with it

Bobs said...

Yes, I've been sucked in by the sheer wondrousness that is Tim Holtz. I've just been and placed an order ..... and now I want it to arrive!!!! Lolol

I'm not surprised you've been hyperventilating, Dyan. If I were in your position, I wouldn't be able to let any of his go - I'd want to keep it forever!! :)


Unknown said...

Oh wow. Tim is a great guy and his products are amazing.

thekathrynwheel said...

Oooooooh, thanks for the info. I've been waiting with great anticipation for the new Claudine Hellmuth multi medium and I've already placed my order LOL! Kate :-)

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