Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yayyyyyyy I,m back..!!!! Been busy, busy , busy... Friday was spent packing up the shop ready for the show. Friday night we went to the theatre, where the average age was about 65..!!! Should have known that was a bad sign... The four actresses were great, really knew their lines, but the whole thing just wasn't really very funny. It just felt really flat. Plus, I had the lovely Kenny on one side of me nearly nodding off cos he hated it and on the other some fella perving on me. So at halftime ( which couldn't come quick enough,lol) I took the executive decision to just go drinking instead. And that's what we did and it was lovely.

Saturday, I was making new samples all day ( peeks tomorrow ) and then we drove out to Doncaster ready for set up. When we got there, was the hall ready..??? Was it frikk..!!! There was a cast show on, and the hall was full of cat poo, fluff, tables, trolleys, scratchy tools and a few kitchen sinks by the look of it..!! 2 hrs later they had finally cleared out and we could get started. By the time we got home it was after 11, so straight to bed for the 6 am start this morning..oh yes, its a glamorous life...
It was lovely to see all of you at the show and hope you all had a fabby time. I need an early night cos I think I,m coming down with something, that's all I need isn't it..??

Heres todays wardrobe remix.

and a couple of journal pages. This is from my Moleskine.

And this ones from my really large one.

Enjoy xx


kirsticoo said...

Missed your ramblings the last couple of days.. Glad the show was a success and as always fabulous journal pages...Kirssti x

Olive said...

sorry the theatre didnt work out... still you rescued the situation. love the pages as always. Ol xxxx

Kaz said...

Ooo love the orangey colours on your journal.

I think you should have gone drinking while the cat show was on too. xx

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