Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can you tell what it is yet..???

Had a lovely day at the studio today. Me and Sexy Susie played all day whilst the Goddess cleaned and tidied. I know , I know, doesn't seem fair does it, but I can assure you she was in her element throwing away all the old crap I had forgotten I had..!! She did comment that she much preferred it yesterday when I wasn't there, because she just threw it without thinking, today she felt she had to justify it..!!! We also journaled, played, ate toffees and generally put the world to rights.....heaven...And I have a beautiful working space to boot..

Which leads me nicely into your work areas.

This pic is from the lovely Dee, my Twitter mate, who says she couldn't possibly photo her room, but here's some drawers she nicked out of her hubby's work van. I think they are really cool but would still love to see her messy bits, lol. Go on Dee, I dare you..!!!

These next pics are from the lovely Jude, one of my Scottish crew, she only has a tiny room (1.8 x 1.8), but is proud to say it is here, ALL HERS..!!! Now this is tidy..!!! Love the drawers for the ink pads. And love the little heart hanger in the new Blonde Moments Christmas..

More journal pages for you. These are from the Moleskine

And this is what I was doing today. My latest craze is to alter magazine images, by cutting them apart, adding arms, legs, and faces and then designing and painting new outfits for them, Oh yes its like dressing barbie..lmao. Well you always new I had never grown up. Mind you I had a Cindy, not Barbie, and of course a couple of Action Men..!! Mebbes that goes some way to explaining my addiction to bad boys and!!!

Enjoy xx


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ha Ha. Do I take the bait or not?

Not really sure the world is ready for my room to be unleashed on it quite yet. The pic you've got is the only tidy bit, haven't worked out how it stays that way yet, lol. Definitely not my doing!

Too much work and not enough time, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Love the pages as always.

Luv Dee xxx


ok ok you asked for it....
definately 'before ' pics....

do you like the ribbon storage though..its a piece of guttering!!
te shelf to the right has been hanging half off the wall for 3 months!!!

Lisa T

Wrightboysmum said...

Wish my room was as tidy as Jude's. I know it's bad when I open the laptop and knock stuff over!

Faerielore said...

gorgeous pages hun i love the on with the man and lady with the bike, brilliant xxx

Piddawinkle said...

ooh ooh I had a Mary Quant doll, check me out

Anonymous said...

OoooooooooooH I Love those drawers for the ink pads too!!!

Been working in my craftroom on my Rusty Pickle Christmas papers from last year, do you still carry them Dyan, if people want to make one similar? It's one of my countdown projects.

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