Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sneaked an extra post in...!!

Ooooooh I am sooooo excited, I could easily wet myself, lmao..!! As a child one of my favourite stories was Alice in Wonderland ( the other was Heidi ). I used to spend hours looking for rabbit holes to fall into, to no avail. I just wanted to live in this other world of madness. I think I would have fitted right in, don't you..?? lmao. I think I would have been the Mad Hatters Mistress, ha ha ..!!
Well 5th March 2010 ( yes bugger it another 5 months to go yet! ) is the release of the new Disney version of it, starring no other than the frikkin gorge Johnny Depp. Oof, I just totally heart him, the weirder characters he plays, the better, for me. And hes playing the Mad Hatter so that would have worked, wonder if the vacancy is still open..?? Come on girls you just would wouldn't you..??? lmao.
Anyhow its released just before my birthday. no one ever knows what to get me on my birthday, on account I,ve got it all, lol. So this is ideal. I can go night after night after night after night Yayys, I,m counting the days......

Enjoy xx


Horners Corner said...

5th of march thats my birthday :) might have to using up my birthday token to make the other half go!!

Faerielore said...

im right with you counting the days down !!! i cant wait for this film, i love time burton the man is a geneous and i just love his weird and wonderful take on things, the darker the better for me :) and yes i so would johnny depp is pure sex on legs hehehehehe YUM

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

Many many thanks for your kind words of encouragement on my blog - it means a huge amount - and glad to know I didn't make a huge error in journaling with my A3 journal pad! Alice in Wonderland is also one of my favourites, it was the first book I read that didn't have any pictures in and I loved it so much, I've recently been reading it with my son and he says he loves how the book paints pictures inside his head like a TV! Bless!! So can't wait for the big screen I'm sure Mr Depp can pull off the Mad Hatter without a problem - he did an awesome job of Mr Wonka!!!!

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