Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yayy beginner art journaling weekend 2010

Sooooooo..... need to tell you about the art journaling weekend. How do you fancy a whole weekend of satisfying and healing your own soul..?? Fri/Sat/Sun Feb 5th, 6th and 7th (I think lol) 2010. It is aimed at newbies to the addiction but is suitable for anyone to come. We will start on the Fri evening by making our journals from scratch, eating pizza and drinking wine. Saturday we will be exploring paint techniques, colour and emotion,, doodling, collage, writing techniques, crying ( oh yesssss if its not me its you lot...!!! ) , eating, eating, eating, reflecting, sucking blue lollipops and generally having a fabuloso, indulgent, enjoyable time. Sunday we will be swirling it all together, with step by steps and challenges to get your creative juices flowing. All this for just £120 - hows that for a bargain. The only food not provided is on Sat evening, cos I will have gone home and passed out..!!!
Here's what one of the Scottish ladies, The lovely, reluctant sleigh painter Sonja had to say about the art journaling she did with me.
Now I need to warn you that it is over half full already and this is the first official posting of it, so don't leave it too late. Tomorrow Ben will be sending it out in a Newsletter and I just know a stampede will follow, lol. It isn't on the website yet so you will have to ring Ben to book. he will need a deposit of £60 to secure your place and will send you out details of hotels etc nearby.
Those of you who are seasoned journalers already stop moaning at me....YES there will be a weekend for you as well, its just the beginners shouted earlier and LOUDER...!!! Keep an eye out for dates of loads of next years weekends. Yes that is a slightly veiled threat that I might actually get my finger out earlier.
Soooooo.... GO, GO, GO before you miss out.......

Now here's a working craft room. Dee is a professional freelance designer and illustrator , so she is in this room all the time (can you tell)??? Apparently it is also used as a dining room occasionally...Wtf..??? How...????lmao

No way hose.... Ha ha look at these shelves buckling under the weight.....

You can see more of her room on her blog HERE
Now remember me showing you Kirsty's room, she has also done her first solo journal page and its fabbydabulous..!!! She sure was paying attention at Macduff, lol.

and some journal candy from me.

Just a quickie cos I am busy playing ( sorry Ben, working very hard!! ) with some frikkin ace new goodies from 7 gypsies. I'll sneek peek you later.
Enjoy xx


Kirsti said...

Aaaw... thanks Dy... Have finished the front cover, started the back and finished another page since yesterday... How am I doing so

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Ha ha, the shelves aren't the only things buckling under the wieght. It's a good job the floor is concrete!

Ooo, Pizza, wine, blue lollipops! Very tempting, are animals allowed?

Luv Dee xxx

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