Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Half a post and new weekend dates...

Oh oh...!! Well bugger me....Blogger is playing up tonight and wont let me upload any more photos, so you will have to make do with only half a post tonight, lol. So here we go with the last bit first , if you know what I mean...!!!

First of all you need to hop over to the lovely Kirsti ( with an I...!!!!! lol ) blog, where she has really thrown herself into art journaling. I am so proud of her, cos you wouldn't think that 5 weeks ago she wasn't even sure what it was. Please go make her day by leaving some of your gorgeous comments.

As you all know the Art Journaling weekend in Feb, sold out straight away. I have picked another date, 6th/7th/8th March. Think that's the right dates, lmao, 1st weekend in March anyhow. So I already have a 1/3 of the places filled so don't leave it too long. The lovely Paula rang up today to book for Feb and was gutted when I informed her it was full, but brightened when I told her about March, and insisted on booking and paying for places without knowing the dates. Said it didn't matter, they were coming whatever, lol... So if you were thinking about it at all don't leave it too late. You snooze, you lose..!!!

I wanted to show you some of my journals with pages in their various stages. Sometimes I do a page from start to finish, but mostly I prep them first and finish them when the mood grabs me. I had loads to show you but many are still queuing in blogger land, so here's the ones that made it so far.

Ha ha , a right motley selection, aren't they. I will keep you informed of their progress.
Here's one I finished (well for now, anyway, lol ) in Starbucks yesterday. The image is of the late Cindy Ray, an Australian Tattooist from the 1960's. I bet she got some stick in those days..!!

Thought you might like to hear this. The lovely Claire sent it to me. She is the God daughter of Amy Winehouse and she has got a cracking voice. Shes gonna have a good future ahead.

Enjoy xx


kirsticoo said...

Ooh thanks for the lovely stuff you said about me... Those pages are so fun... Have just been reading Sonja's copy of Visual Chronicles in bed but I will have to give it back to her soon as she is back her holidays this week... Will just have to get my own copy... Kirsti xx

PS - hop you noticed all the linking I have been doing on my blog...lm(ws)ao...x

Virginia said...

Love the pages in different stages, I never manage to have more than one on the go at a time and I'm one of those that has to finish one before starting another - think that needs to change to start working outside my comfort zone LOL! I'm finding it hard to decide whether to do the journaling and find some images to match or the other way around - half done pages mean that I should have at least one image that matches my mood - mmmm - shame I've got to go to work I'd prefer to sit and chill and definitely work on my art journal!

Have a fabulous Wednesday


SueC said...

Your writing about the tattoos inside us is so true. My Mum who inflicted those early tattoos is now living with us (how did that happen???) and her needle is as bl...y sharp as ever - even though she is now 84.
Don'tya just love those 60's glasses though

SueC said...

ps how do we get to Kirsti with an i blog???

Faerielore said...

FAB pages darling cant wait to see them in all there glory when there finished and how much do i love this tattoo one, as a bit of a tattoo-aholic myself its perfect xxxx

Jude said...

LOVE Dione Bromfield - bought her album for the journey home from Windsor...fab, fab, fab. Really like seeing all your pages in their various stages. x

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