Monday, October 26, 2009

What a day, what a day, what a day.....!!

Today didn't get off to the best of starts. I had an early night but woke up feeling as though I had done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson... So formed a plan...would go to work, help Our Ben and The Goddess to unload the van, get the studio ready for tomorrows class and then jump ship. Sounds like a plan, yeah..???
Nothing like a plan, oh no. Got to work to find the builders pulling down the ceiling in the corridor all over my sample boards and the large amount of paraphernalia in there. So we spent 2 hours lugging things up and down stairs, before we even started to unload the van. And then it was one complication after another. Typical. mind you I think its finally decided me on the show/no show..??? I am only going to attend the GNPS at Harrogate in the future, Mar and Sept. Its just not worth the hassle and the disruption to the shop and studio. I will still be teaching at events just not exhibiting. Don't worry Macduffians I will still be bringing my shop to you in Aug and to the Irish ladies in May. I,m also teaching at a big event down South in April. Will give you news about that shortly.

Forgot about wardrobe remix when I just threw anything on this morning. But as Emmi says I cant just welch cos I,m in ,y scruff, so here I am in all my glory... And I have to confess that since I said I was determined to lose this weight I have put even more on..???Wtf..?? Need to get my head round it more. I am really , really trying to conquer my purging but that leads to weight gain, which in my eyes isn't as bad as getting fat... (yes I know its wrong, but that's how I feel..!!!). Anyhow a plea to you all, although I love it when you buy me gifts can I please ban toffees and chocolates from the gift list. Flowers will still be graciously accepted, lol.

Here's some of the things I was demoing at the show. The Christmas Blonde Moments stamps and my B/M Pearl Pigments.

Adding some inking techniques.

And some spritzing.

And a couple with Tim's stamps.

We had a massive restock today of all Tim,s stamps and you can find them HERE and HERE
Tomorrow I am teaching an alcohol ink class and here are some samples.

And I,ll leave you with a journal page ( this one is from the Big Daddy Journal )

Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

LOL at being a Macduffian! The journal pages are fab. I picked up a book called Journal Spilling when I was in the states. Also wish I was closer so I can get the technique right for the alcohol inks those samples look fab.I must try harder.

Kirsti said...

Great samples Dy... You will be pleased to know that I had a journal moment last night... had an earlish night (10.45pm).. went to bed and started flicking thru the Art Journal book I bought and 20 minutes later I had done FOUR background pages.. had the inks out, the paint out, the iron out and the heat tool out... not like you on the bed thou... was back in bed by 11.15pm very pleased with night...Kirsti x

Virginia said...

Ooh bless Dyan - all good plans and that! You still look fab in the wardrobe remix! I keep attempting to lose weight but my DH has an affinity with making muffins and not just a small batch - but great big batches and they smell divine and taste even better me thinks I need to put a blanket ban on baking whilst I get my head around trying to lose weight LOL - not sure if it will work - so I can sure appreciate your ban on all things tasty that get brought to your classes!

Hope you have a fab day and hope you start to feel a little better today!

Lisa said...

Ooohh I need to know more about you coming "down south"!! hope it's near me.
I so need to see you demoing.....
Love Lisa xx

Siobhan Brignull said...

your alcohol ink samples look fab, wish I was coming, nearly done my second journal page,will let you see it when its done, hopefully see you down south April 2010!!1

Kaz said...

I'm another one wanting to know where down south you will be. I need help!! x

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