Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New blood in the camp...!!!

Ooooh where to start today...???It was a bit calmer today. Had a fab alcohol ink workshop. Most of the ladies were newcomers and they were an absolute pleasure to teach. Plus they finished every single one of the cards planned. Amazing..!! They then swarmed into the shop like a bunch of locusts and proceeded to strip it bare... Still it kept Our Ben busy..lol.

For today's wardrobe remix, I,m rocking the street urchin look. Oooh I,m sooooooo sophisticated aren't I..??? lmao

How about this in your wardrobe...??? It was made by a father for his daughter to wear at the prom and is made entirely from condoms. I think he really managed to get the safe sex message across, don't you. Wonder if she had the courage to wear it. I just love it and like to think it was maybe something I would have worn for a laugh in my younger years..

My good friend , the lovely little Julie, called in at tea time, and brought me this. Its a chocolate moose, and guess what..?? His nose smells of chocolate..!!! So I can sit here sniffing him to my hearts content...Frikkin cooooooool or what..???

We had an unexpected visitor in tonight's regular Tuesday. Bezzie Su,s husband, the gorgeous H, had been moaning that Su had a bolt hole to escape to and that he didn't. So she challenged him to attend her bolt hole, and here he is.

He tried to pretend he wasn't enjoying himself, but this picture begs to differ.

Here's tonights tag.

The background of the tag was painted with dabbers. We then applied a template over the top and sponged Perfect Medium through. After removing the template we dusted Blonde Moments Pearl Pigments on the top. We then stamped with the diamond stamp and perfect Medium and dusted with pearls as well. The main image is stamped onto a alcohol ink background.

Because its half term I haven't any of the usual kids classes on so I had a couple of hours between workshops, so after cleaning up and resetting for tonight, I did some Art Journaling. The Goddess has been tipping out around the back ( don't worry she takes plenty of provisions with her, warm clothing, flashlight and also a mobile phone, just in case). Have you been round the back in our place..??? Nuff said...Anyway she came upon a large box full of all my old jars of ink. Yayy haven't played with those for years. I,ll tell you how long it is, I used to colour in my peel offs with them. How frikkin hilarious is that..??? Well I decided I would have a play with them and slopped ( Dy technical term, lol ) them onto a page. Used Tim's clocks to mask and added background stamps and inks...Loving it so far...

I then started adding the collage elements and doodling.

I,m really happy with the way it turned out considering I was only pratting around..!!!
Hope you got your newsletter today, with news about all the latest restocks and the March journaling weekend. If you didn't you need to sign up, sidebar top left, to make sure you always get to here the news first.
Ok I,ll leave you to it babes.
Enjoy xx


Sandy Poppins said...

I'm really laughing when I say this but you are the best 'pratter' I know!!!!
Hope you get that as it could be misconstrued!! My next date with you draws near...can't wait x x

kirsticoo said...

Got my newsletter but won't be able to make the journalling weekend as I am of to Tenerife on the 24th March so no pennies to spare I'm afraid...Sorry, would love to come to a weekend workshop sometime tho.... love the collage work... Have been colouring in with soft pastels... not sure about the results tho...lol...x

flutterbycrafter said...

Well if this is what you come up with when pratting around....fantastic. Love the tag as well, there you go, talent will out.xx

Virginia said...

Loving the tag and the fact you had a male attendee - if you can get them to sit still for two minutes they do actually enjoy all things arty (although they tend to prefer it if they can make something 3 dimensional rather than 2D) hence why my other half loves making all the box templates for me. Mind you I've managed to get him to do the background to his art journal - so you never know! The art journal pages are gorgeous, I was finishing off a scrapbook layout last night so haven't done any art journaling for a few nights, although I've put a couple more pages on my blog! Busy day ahead trying to sort son's bedroom and a Pink gig to go to tonight! Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

Faerielore said...

love the journal page the dyes look sfab and love those tim holtz clocks

the tag is gorgeous too

i want to come to the journalling weekend but i dont live anywhere near you, i think you should hold one in lovely hertfordshire :) xxxx

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

Love your use of colour. Great post.

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Well I've heard it all now. An admission of guilt. You used to use PEELOFFS. Oh I'm gonna be giggling till bedtime now.

susie f said...

Peel offs???? Peel offs???? Go and place you left hand on your Journal, raise your right hand and repeat after me......I, wild and untamed, Dyan will hereby swear never to make people laugh out loud and spray tea out of their noses ever again, amen!!
Susie xx

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