Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Important-----reward for the return of...

Okay, who's got them...? They were here earlier, had a fab day with the munchkins ( see below) and then they jst went. Biff, baff, boff...just like that...I,m sure I didn't put them down and I know I haven't lost them, because I,ve looked in the usual place and they're not there. So I am putting out a plea.
Will whoever has got my get up and go, my mojo and my and my hyper activeness, please bring them back , pretty damn sharpish. Double blue lollies at stake...!!!!
Here I am , earlier, looking for them and looking a bit pissed off, don't you think..??

Anyhow before they were surreptitiously nicked from under my nose, I was having a fab day with the kids workshop. Now normally these kids classes are rammed, but everyone seems to be on their jollies, so we only had 5 of the little darlings.
Normally the workshops are really structured because of the volume of kids , but today I decided to throw caution to the wind, make it up as we went along and just gently guide them along the way.
We started by adding paint, extremely haphazardly..!!! and then we added Tim Holtz masks and a coordinating ink.

I then demoed some over stamping, adding phrases etc.

And this is what they came up with.

How frikkin cool are they..?? I would be proud to say that any of them are mine. They were then let loose on the stamps, papers, magazines and mixed with my gentle guidance and there amazing imaginations they produced some belting work. And the age of the kids who created such masterpieces..??? Were they my older lot..?? My experienced lot..?? My expected to be brilliant lot..??? No they were just gorgeous normal kiddiwinks, including 3 total newbies,
who were prepared to go for it and bugger the consequences..!!!lmao. The youngest was 7 last week and the oldest was 10 last week. Yup that's right, that young. Wish I was churning out art at such a high standard when I was there age, don't you.
So here's the roll of honour, in no particular order.
The angelic looking 7 yr old Will. The teddy bears head is a balloon strapped to his wrist whilst playing X box on the sofa. love it..!!
Then we have the gorgeous 7 yr old Ellie, who there was never any doubt would plump for pink and pretty..!! lol. Just look at that cracking pair of legs, she's picked out for herself..

And then the fabby cheeky grinned 7 yr old Anna. who showed her extremely quirky sense of style in her ace choice of footwear. She also turned my "little bit of Stripy" flower stamps into bumble bees. 4 years we,ve had them and I,ve never thought of it..!!! Might have to employ her as head of creativity..!! lol

This is the gorgeous 10 yr old James. Extremely image conscious, and spent ages searching for the perfect hat to finish off his attire. Gonna be a little heartbreaker, this one, with a gorgeous inner to match his outer.

And last but not least, the loveliest, quietest little treasure, 10 yr old Bronwen. She just put her head down and became totally engrossed in what she was doing. All the elements on her body were picked and trimmed individually, and the care she took in cutting out was astounding. Her Mother was that overwhelmed by the results that she bought the materials for her to make more. Way to go Mum..!!

Today was one of the bestest ever kind of days, just being surrounded by that raw, and unaffected creativity and total belief in them selves. They are a brilliant example to us all.
I always spent a lot of time making things with my four. As a single Mum, with pathetic input from their father we were always penniless and so had to make things up as we went along. We put Blue Peter to shame, with what we created with toilet rolls and washing up liquid bottles. lmao. Imagination and enthusiasm counts for so much more than having the right materials.
I think that's why I enjoyed today so much, although they had access to the top materials it was their imaginations that shone through..God bless their little souls.. xx
Pinched this next photo from The Goddess's facebook. Its very rare to get a photo of Our Tom, never mind one with some of his siblings on, and I think this one of the three of them on a night out is just fantabulous. You never know one day I might get one with all four of them on, but I,m not holding my breath just yet..!!!
Here's a Journal page that I did in Egypt.

And I am going to leave you with this classic. Why..?? Just cos

Enjoy xx


kirsticoo said...

Wow... aren't thos kids fabby... Think I will get my kids in on this act too.... And no you don't look too grumpy either....Have a great day...x

Helen said...

How absolutely adorable - and creative - are those kids! Mind you I am sure a lot of it is down to their teacher!!

Faerielore said...

fabulous workshop hun, all the kids artwork is brilliant, nothihng quite like the creativity of a child :)

Sue said...

But where's the PEEL OFFS??????? Gotta get 'em addicted early you know!

Virginia said...

Fantastic art work from all the kids - they all look fabulous! Raw creative energy - nothing better! I've had a look round, but can't find your mojo or your hyperactivity anywhere - but I'll keep looking! The journal page is awesome, truthful and raw! Thank you for sharing, it takes courage and spirit to share something so delicate, but you don't always have to wear the hat, you have to find a way to put it down and leave it somewhere!



JaneyB said...

First - The kids are gorgeous and so is their work!
Second - Think I saw your mojo at the bottom of Maisie's little shopping cart (she must have borrowed it for a mo!)!
Third - The class today was fabarooni - a fab project, really lovely ladies, and lots of chat filled with raw honesty, and encouragement too!
Fourth -
"Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do". H Jackson Brown Jnr
Fifth - You were right with what you said today about you being meant to do this. Your honesty Dyan is an inspiration to me (and no doubt loads of other women) and I cannot thank you enough for the fact that you are brave enough to share on such a wide spectrum of traumas, what so many of us have been afraid to voice out loud! We are such a mixed up bunch, all with our own baggage, but you are leading the way and one by one we are all following!

If I had a glass of Pinot Grigio in my right hand right now I'd be raising it to you!


kirsticoo said...

Here here... JaneyB...x

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott