Friday, October 30, 2009

Has anyone thought to check if shes dead..???

First of all a big thanks to the lovely PAT who gave me this blog award. I,ve already answered the questions in a previous post so I wont bore you again, go take a look and see what Pat,s put for hers, lol.

Wardrobe Remix

slightly different today..!!! This is what I would like to say I was stylish, but so me.!!

or this

or this....

Photo sources HERE, HERE and HERE.
Instead this is what I am actually wearing...WTF..???
oh yes and this is shoe watch..????

I,m not sure what happened today. I journaled till about 3.30 and then went to sleep and just didn't really wake up again much. I woke up bout 7am, cos I was soooo hot and kicking the covers off. Now I normally sleep in nowt and so thought I had better [put something on so as not to frighten Our Tom..!!! Felt rough so went back to sleep. Woke up at 2.30 gasping for a drink. Rang Bezzie Su, who was also spending the day under the duvet due to illness. Still felt shattered so shut my eyes again and woke up at 6.15 with my mobile ringing. I had 4 messages on it and 3 missed calls that I had slept through, lol.
Was amazed when I realised what time it was and so took myself downstairs where they were all congregated eating tea. Ooh says Jay, I was gonna come up in a minute, cos we were worried. Our Tom says hes been in your room 4 times today and each time you were flat out, which is really unusual. So we were gonna finish tea and then come check to see if you were actually dead..!!! Aww isn't that sweet..?? They were so concerned they thought they would have tea first..??? bless them. lmao. Anyhow I only lasted 20 mins and I had to put myself back into bed. I,ve done loads of blog hopping and I,ve got this pile of glossies to dissect, cos I am trying really hard not to close my eyes again or I,ll be awake all night, wont I..??

More journal pages

And I just want to leave you with this. Oh how I used to look forward to this, I thought Morticia was sooooooo glamorous. Maybe that's were I get my black fetish from,lol.

Enjoy xx
PS doubt the shop will be open tomorrow with the way I,m feeling. Sos about that, you,ll have to get creative with a pumpkin instead.....


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Yikes, how skinny are thos models? A bit of wind and they'll snap in half!!!

Glad you got some sleep today, just sorry you had to feel crappo to get it.

Luv Dee xxx

Piddawinkle said...

ah bless, hope you feel better soon, glad to see someone else looks at fashion photos and thinks they would wear that if only ....., and on the morticia front my brother married his wife in an ss uniform and she was dressed as Morticia, made the front page of the local rag at that time, bought my Tim Holtz stamp from you just waiting for the blasted post men to deliver it, ggrrrrr.

kirsticoo said...

Aaaw Dy... hope you are feeling better soon... lol at the 'kids' eating their tea before checkin on you...I had a friend who didn't call or phone after a particularly heavy Hogmany on the gin after I had passed out and been taken home by someone... she also thought I might be dead... some friend huh!!! we still laugh about it now and that was ovr 20 years ago... showing my age now...lm(ws)ao...Take care of you and sending warm Scottish hugs your way...Kirsti x

Wrightboysmum said...

Funny that's how I like to think I'm dressed all cool and Grazia Style Hunter worthy and then I look in the mirror and scare myself. LOL at kids eating tea first. I'm drooling over your massive wodge of glossies! Take care.

Queenie said...

Ahhh dont you love least they where fortifying themselves before they checked to see if you were alive,lol!!!
Hope you feel better soon.

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