Saturday, October 31, 2009

Warning, this post may make you wet your pants...!!!

Guess what I,ve done today..??? Yup, spent the day in bed again...Wtf...??? I didn't sleep too good last night, hot sweats and restless, and before you all start I was on my own, ok..!! lol..
Woke up this morning with the gorgeous Maisie "whispering" very loudly in my ear, checking I was alright and could we go play outside..!!! Aww bless, love ya loads babe, but not a chance in hell.. I felt and still do like I hadn't slept for weeks and been run over by a dump truck..??
I attempted to get up, but gave it up as a bad job. I haven't one ounce of energy and I am real pissed about it, cos how often do I get some time off. By now, the plan was, that I would have cleaned the house from top to bottom, tidied the garden, resorted the home studio and made a start on the probably overdue magazine articles..!!! And what have I achieved, err absofrikkinlutely zilch..!! Ah well, I have blog hopped for England, sorted and tidied my desktop and created folders for all the crap stored on there. I can actually see the image on the screen now.
I had wanted to be up early and maybe delete my post, but you all beat me to it by leaving comments. I just want to say thank you for the support you have shown, I love you all to bits. I don't mean to do serious but I,m a bit like a lucky dip, you just never know what you gonna get do you..?? lol.

I managed a quick bath and then had to sleep for 2 hrs to recover from it. Is this it, has old age hit..?? I know they say it comes on suddenly but this is ridiculous.. Anyway cant show you my wardrobe remix as it is unbloggable, but here my shoe watch entry.. Don't even know who these belong to, and I don't care. My whole body is having sweats apart from my feet which are like ice...??

Spotted these little beauties on my cyber travels. They would normally be a must have but white and size 8 does not a good combination make. My feet would look like two sailing ships..!!
Blimey I must be seriously ill, if I am talking myself out of a pair of boots, I don't think that has ever occurred before.

I have got a raving thirst that I cant seem to quench, but I don't want my normal 85 cups of tea. No all I want is my Cherry Diet Coke. Now before you are all aghast at the no of cans in the bin. That is not actually one days allowance. Unfortunately it is only half a day....Ooops, well Cherries are fruit so at least I covered my 5 a day, yeah..???

I also came across this hilarious website HERE. Its called people of Walmart. The idea is you go into your local Walmart in the States and photograph what people are wearing. Cool you might think, a bit like Wardrobe Remix, or The Sartorialist,

Yeah right, I don't think. It is actually to find the most ridiculous outfits you can. Do these people not own a mirror..?? The site is heaving with crime after crime to fashion and humanity. I have just chosen a few of the tamer ones to show you, cos you will pee your pants when you see them, and I don't want to take that responsibility whilst you are still on my blogs premises..!!

Ok are you ready..?? Brace yourselves...

To avoid visible pant line under your jeans, hoick them up as far as you can. Try and match the colour to your jeans so as not to draw attention to it..!!!!

Always pick a dark matt colour for a slimming body skimming effect.

And my favourite...If you,ve always looked after your figure, then no need to buy expensive summer outfits, a large roll of Elastoplast will suffice....!!!

Now I have to warn you about this next one. It was sent to me in an email,by the lovely Caroline,who warns of the perils of eating too much garlic. Anyone of a nervous disposition or a weak stomach look away now. That was an official disclaimer against any lawsuits for immense damage to your eyesight. OK I,m gonna leave big gap and you need to go slow to prevent any extreme shock reaction.

Easy now..
Not too quick..
Are you sitting down...?
Are all persons easily offended barred from the room...?
Ok coming up now..
Go, go , go...

WTF...??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha how hilarious is that. I am sorry if it offends anyone, but it doesn't half make me feel better... And its about time you all had a good laugh on here..If I spend any longer with my ass stuck to the bed, I would get worried. Methinks this needs blowing up and putting on my fridge.If she was tanned she could have been a seasonal pumpkin, lol.
The other thing I have done this evening is make art for the sake of it. No purpose whatsoever. Not for a class, not for a magazine, not even for therapy in my journal. It was actually for a challenged.
I have for a long time been a lurker on Nancy's blog, CROWABOUT.
I have long admired her style and her artwork and had spotted that she was going to run an online class. Well by the time I got back round to it yesterday, registration had closed. But then I spotted that she also has a weekly challenge called Collage Play. You have to be invited to join and then every week you get to make a piece of art, of your choice using that weeks collage sheet, which is available to download. All this takes place on Flickr.
Well I got my invite today, downloaded and got on with it It felt quire daunting because the standard of work on there is absofrikkinlutely stunning, I spent a good couple of hours just gawping at it all, in admiration, and nearly didn't bother trying. But then I thought, oh sod it, who cares anyway, I am supposed to be doing this for me, for my benefit, not to look good for others. So then, the pressure was off and I had a whale of a time. I,m real pleased with it, see what you think. Art for Arts sake.

Its not too late to join in, you have until Fri evenings to complete and upload. If you do let me know and I can Link you on here.
Just need to leave you with one last photo. Go on Maisie, just get yourself comfy babe..!!! lmao

Enjoy xx


flutterbycrafter said...

Your artwork is fantastic, love all the colours, stamps, element, just everything. OMG, I'll have to get back on the diet, that's why I feel so at home in the USA.....

Wrightboysmum said...

LMAO. I'm just back from Florida so people of Walmart had me ROFLMAO as it really was entertainment. I felt well dressed and thin! On that topic I took a photo of a woman wearing what could only be described as roadkill at Seaworld of all places. It was expensive but still roadkill all the same.
Hope you get better I have had it all week and had to admit defeat yesterday and have a Hugh Hefner day in my jammies. Anyway at least Maisie will take care of you and keep you in line. Love the art for arts sake away for a nosey.

sassy said...

hiya....what a fab read...and hopes your still taking it your collages..brill..and the piccis well i just gotta go back for another look the garlic....such a hoot..ive done the blog if you wanna cast your eyes over there...dunno what possessed me and like deffo a lucky dip.....cause your sure as hell never know what yer gonna get.......huggies sassyx

Sue said...

Love your collage piece and nice to see someone else has adopted that faux barbed wire thing as well,its such a fab idea!! Way to go.

PS just so you know.........the peel off were the bats on the letter H!

kirsticoo said...

OMG... they are sooo gross, especially that last one... YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!.... love the art work and love those boots... am going to be emailing the link for the black ones to my GOG as what I would like for christmas this year!!! Do you think it will work...not bloody you are feeling a wee bit better now...x

Terri Kahrs said...

Thanks SOOOO much for stopping by my blog! LOVE yours!!! By the way - your first Crowabout piece is friggin awesome!!! LOVE your style. Nothing to be afraid of with this group - the zanier the better!!!

The class I'm taking is the one that Nancy's been giving - The Crowabout Journal thing - Collage Dreams on Paper.

Can't WAIT to see more of your work! Feel better! Hugs, Terri

Anonymous said...

just found your blog via googling alisa burke.
don't be jealous, but i bought the doc martens boots in black with red roses in london. i DIG them! :) too cool!
great blog and art here.

thekathrynwheel said...

Boots? Boots? Did someone mention boots?! Now, you know I don't care too much for shoes, but boots...... When are you going to do bootwatch?! Love love love your Crowabout stuff. I managed to join Nancy's class and the standard there is pretty awesome too. Kate P.S. If my ar*e looked like a bulb of garlic I seriously hope someone would tell me :-)

The Scrappy Tree said...

I LOVE the people of Walmart, so funny! I would go grocery shopping more often if I lived in the U.S., who needs tv??

Great piece you did for the challenge, loving the colours - well done for biting the bullet and coming up trumps!

About the DM's, you really think that a size 8 foot can't pull those off...? *sigh* I better keep looking too then!

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