Thursday, October 1, 2009

Too many boots, not enough feet.

Check out this cool journal page from Laura. You can't tell its her first can you..? I think its really cool, pop over to her BLOG and see for yourself..
And here's some more pics for where you create... This is Pandora's. Its up in the loft and she says she never has to tidy it..!!! Looks pretty tidy to me though..!!
And this is the lovely Sandra's. Its in her spare bedroom, and once again its soooo tidy.!!
Love the way she has created extra space on the bed.

I have been shopping tonight and bought my entire winter wardrobe online..... Unfortunately until I win the lottery it wont be getting delivered..!!!! Awwwww what a shame eh. Ah well a girl can dream can't she..??? Here goes anyway...

These 2 are must haves from HERE
These are all from HERE

These are from HERE

Find these HERE

But I have to admit these might be a bit much, even for me, ha ha ....

I'll leave you with some more journal pages.

Enjoy xx


kirsticoo said...

I absolutely love the Doc Martins with the roses - I might even have to have them soon - always wanted Doc Martins since I was a teenager and then they were way too expensive for me but now.....who knows, they might just find themselves in my growing boot x

Faerielore said...

oh look my first journal page is on here, i feel famous HAHAHAHA those craft areas are very tidy, unlike mine hehehehe Loving your latest pages hun i expecially love the buddha one and how cool are those boots and clothes !!!! love the dr martins with the roses on xxx

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

Thoe irregular choice ones are on my shopping list too :D

muckypup said...

Ooh, yummy clothes. I have just satisfied my clothing itch with spending spree on my kids - not quite the same. But I really popped over to tell you that I have at last done a journal page that I really quite like! I might actually summon up the courage to come to a journal class now, now that I feel that I have made some progress...
You can see it (and gently critique) it here:

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