Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baby can I hold you...??

Oooooh I am sooooo excited. For 2 nights running I have slept for 7hrs on the trot. Howsabouthat..???? whey hey that's about my normal weekly allowance, lmao. So I am either turning over a new leaf or I am going to be awake till Sunday..!!!! Well if I am I,ve got tons to keep me busy, lol. Journaling for a start, mebbes now I am emptying my head thats whats making me sleep..?? Talking of journaling, here's Olives first ever journal page. Its cool isn't it. She actually has hair like that..!! Well I,ve decided shes allowed to come back next time as a fully fledged Soulie journaler.. Olive, told you you were in.

Remember last week, Jude's immaculate work room, well here it is mucked up a bit.. That's better.. Here's the bauble she made with me.

Its half term in Scotland and both Kirsty and Jude will be at my place on Thursday, cant wait to see you again girlies.
Talking about girlies, the resident bit of glamour has now got the lurgi and is poorly sick. Awwww get well soon babes. xx
Finally finished off the star book sample. Black Market Paper Society papers and Paper Artsy's latest time stamps ( arriving tomorrow). I think its a real timeless classic look. I think we have a few places left on this and you can book HERE

In the kids workshops we are busy making future Christmas heirlooms. Here's some of the younger girls practising for their sleighs. They are doing a fantastic job and I am sooooo proud of them. Its easy to forget that most of them are only 6 yrs old.

And tonights Tuesday tag went down a storm. This is the sample. It includes inking, dabber resist, grunge, faux etching onto fragment tags and the new fabulous Rock Candy Distress stickles, which I am in lurve with....

We haven't had a shoe watch for a while so today we are indulging you in two, oh yes I said TWO, boot watches.
Here's mine

and these belong to The Goddess.

We are the same size feet (as in big,lol) so I can see a bit of swapping around going on here..!!
Just found another great picture from the Orla Kiely winter collection. I heart, heart, heart her stuff and the dress on the left is my fave. Its only £385...Wtf..??? Yes you heard me correct, lol. Think I,ll have two eh..?? bet I,d get my wear out of it though, espesh with those tights and my dockers for day, and sky high bondage heels for night..!!

In reality this is what I am really wearing...good old faithfuls. The t shirt is last years Next, the cardi 2 seasons ago New Look, the skirt a 5yr old Matalan number, Asda,s opaques and New Look boots. Oooooh I am such a fashion trendsetter - Not..!!!

One of my fave blogs is Elsies I just love it, she is so kooky and I just love her vintage fashion sense. If I was younger it would be the type of thing I would wear. Last month she mentioned in a post that she was taking part in Wardrobe Remix and I just loved the idea. So I am going to keep a record of what I wear every single day for as long as I can be bothered. That,ll give me something to laugh about in 10 yrs time. Mind you I,ll probably still be living in the same clothes then..!!! lmao.
It was journaling class today and they were as good as gold, so I was feeling a bit redundant so played ( sorry worked extremely hard alongside them..!!!) and this is what I produced in my BIG journal..

Gonna leave you with a bit of Boyzone. Love em or hate them we all sing along with them. So sad to hear of Stephen Gately,s death. Every one this year seems to be so young don't they..?? He was only 6 yrs older than my Ben and my heart goes out to his Mam who will be breaking hers. Heaven forbid I ever have to go through what shes going through. I am busy counting my blessings and thanking God for my gorgeous brood. I love them more than bad, as we say in our house.
RIP xx


Virginia said...

Hi Dyan - can't start my morning without my little blogging fix and I'm always so excited when your post is at the top of the dashboard! I know it will contain a little bit of journalling, a dollop of your amazing class, a pinch of new projects, a sprinkle of happiness and a whole lot of soul!!! And as always you didn't disappoint, the star book is certainly a timeless classic - the colours are fabulous!!!!! Loving boot watc and the journal pages as always! I've been brave and followed your lead and finally put a couple on my blog! Even my tiny one ha ha ha - I didn't know how big these art journals were as only ever saw them on the internet - and I always supersize anything i make so I'm working off an A3 pad at the moment and doing double page layouts LMAO



SueC said...

Hi Dyan

Really shocked to hear the news of Stephen Gateley's death. (I don't buy newspapers too often as they cost E2.20 over here as opposed to 40 pence) I am a huge Boyzone fan - CD's, concerts the lot - and a Mum to two boys (well, grown men) and like you feel for his Mum.

Lurve your new star book -those Black Market papers are just so delicious mmmm!

and isn't it lovely to see those younger girls so happy with their work - you must get so much pleasure from teaching the youngsters - I know I do.


Olive said...

hiya Dyan
thanks so much for sharing my journal page... i'm hooked looking at mags for photos, inspiration, etc.
had a great time, think of something else to bake!!! keep the faith. xx

kirsticoo said...

Ooh... not long to go now, hope allan doesn't start moaning about the drive or I will be in a bad mood when I get there.. think it's about 2 hours from Penrith.... See you tomorrow...x

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