Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Queen of Fools

Hi you, got given some blog candy. First it was sent to me by the lovely piddawinkle (sos babe forgot to thank you last week ) and then again today by the lovely Anne.

There are seven rules in accepting the award
1 Thank the person
2 Copy logo to your blog
3 Link person to your blog
4 Name seven things that no-one really knows about you. Err dont think there is anything left to tell. But here goes.
1. I had my nose pierced when I was 14 and again at 28.
2. Used to be part of a skateboarding team.
3. up until the age of 16 I was only 5ft 1/2 in tall.
4. Have a phobia about beards.
5. collects religious Icons and Rosaries.
6. refolds towels in other peoples houses.
7. Always wanted to learn to pole dance, supposed to be ace for your abs...
5,6,7 pass the award on. This is were I just wimp out and pass it to you all.

Wardrobe remix will continue until I can get back into the clothes I adore. Now I know I am not fat, and apologies to those who feel I have nothing to moan about, but I am a lot bigger , at the moment, than I am comfortable with. The only way I am gonna get my finger out is to name and shame myself every day, wearing stuff Iam not that thrilled with. Inside my head I am still slim and it is only when I see the photos that I remember I,m not, lol.
So I,ll leave you with a journal page as per usual.

Enjoy xx


Emma - A crazy crafter said...

Dy you can whinge all you like about your size. It makes no difference what size a person is whether it is an 8 or a 38 if you are not comfortable. As you know I am a slim size 24 and quite happy with my size but I too feel slim and only realise I am fat when I see a photo!!! However you look we still love you and your crazy obsessions.

Take care and see you soon

Emma xx

kirsticoo said...

I know exactly how you feel about weight Dy... I am struggling with mine as well and like you say people don't think you are fat but it's how you feel that counts and I know myself I am at least a stone heavier than I am comfortable with (the journal page I didn't post is testomy to that...).. Take care Kirsti x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Deffo go for the fishtail parker. I used to have a blue one that I painted punk bands all over. I was so Cooool on my scooter. And it went well with my purple spikey hair.

Know what you mean about the weight thing. Noone would call me fat, except my skinny b??? of an OH,lol, but I feel really uncomfortable and all my fave rags are too small. Sniff sniff.

Luv Dee xxx

kirsticoo said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Dy and yes maybe I will join you in the weight loss/wardrobe remix...lolxxx

Lesley said...

You're looking fab Dy, but I know what you mean. I'm back on weightwatchers at the mo as I know this works for me.

Love this journal page- sumptuous.

Lesley x

Faerielore said...

i dont think anyone is comfortable with there weight or the way they look as long as your a lovely person and people love you thats all that counts. on this note i will add i think your fine just as you are xxxx

great journal page you truely are the queen of journaling xxxx

angie's blogspot said...

It's called middleage spread! as much as we don't want to admit it lol, I'm the same my teets have grown and my midriff lol, but you still look fab, gonna give slimming world another whirl next week by myself, wish me luck! xx

Sue said...

Never mind being fat (cos you just ain't) I am STILL looking for those PEEL OFFS you promised me you'd use!!!!!!! Can't see 'em ANYWHERE!!!

PinkMagpie said...

I'm the same almost a stone bigger than I used to be. There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in everything you wear. If it's any consolation I work in a primary school in a class of six years olds, last week one little boy shouted across the classroom "Miss Harrison, are you having a baby?"!!! I told him no, I'm just fat!!!!! If that's not enough to get my arse into gear I don't know what is.Good luck on your slimming journey.
Please, please can you show us some more step by step journal pages when you get the time.
K xx

Piddawinkle said...

hey Dyan love your seven facts, Im 5'2 at 46, what hope is there for me!!!! LOL

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