Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bosoms, boots and bezzies..!!!

Has someone stolen the daylight and no-one told me..??? Cant be doing with all this dark, can you..???

Here's my wardrobe remix for today, another stunning ensemble...!!! ha ha . Now all those of you who try to convince me that I haven't put any weight on, just look closely and tell me where the frikk did those ginormous bosoms come from then..??? Jeez I think someones inflating them every time I nod off. They are beginning to frighten, even me now..!!! lmao

Still at least my feet are staying the same.... Check out these beauties. Oh they are gorgeous specimens aren't they..???

Had a lovely day, me and my Northern Soulie mate Sandra spent the whole day playing and singing loudly and badly, much to our Ben's disgust and our Em,s amusement..!!! Its not often we get to spend such quality time together and I loved every minute of it. Love ya babe xx

You need to pop over to the lovely Virginias blog and check out her "extreme journaling". Shes not one to do things by halves and you will be amazed, promise. I think they are fabby and can see a whole new world opening up..!!! lol
Here's what I have been doing today, in yet another new Moleskine, this one is an A4, which I dont already have. That's my excuse and I,m sticking to it, so nah nah..!!!

Think I might try for another early night tonight. watch this space...
Enjoy xx


Katy said...

love those boots!!! journal pages are fabby :D

I'm having your recent trouble with sleep got woken at 2am by the house phone ringing was some drunken fool i think!


Virginia said...

Well that started my day on a huge high - first of all piccies of you and Sandra - she teaches my scrapbook class at Elsecar so it's lovely to see her enjoying one of your classes. Then a link to my blog - thank you Dyan - I've had some very positive feedback on my supersized art journal LOL!!! Other than dear son's assembly this morning I have a day spread out in front of me for a little crafting - can't wait!


HOpe you are having a fabulous Thursday!

Faerielore said...

those boots are gorgeous !!!!!! sounds like youve had a fab day, spending quality time with friends is always the best :)

and how much am i in LOVE with your new journal pages especially the buddha one, i love anything to do with buddhisum and this page really appeals to me, amazin darling xxxxx

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