Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And the time is....?????

Sooooooooo....... its not even 9.30 and I am blogging, yayy, and then I am going to pass out, lol

Need to show you this fabulous canvas that my lovely assistant Pam made with the new Blonde Moments Christmas papers. I just love it and it is now hanging pride of place in the studio.

Look at Rudolph peeping out from behind the tree...

How cool is that...???
I have also been sent another first journal page. this is the lovely Janet's very first attempt and says she was inspired after attending one of my mini Ranger weekends.

I think you are all suddenly getting this journaling lark, yeah..??
This is what I,ve been up to, I am doing some personalised canvas's for my four gorgeous kids ( sorry "young adults" lol ) and this is the stage they are at so far.

And I,m gonna leave you with more art journal pages, just for a change, lmao.

Ps The Goddess is off poorlie sickie and I am bereft. I have to make my own tea, remember to eat, pretend to be organised and be responsible for myself...!!!!! Wtf...???? get well soon babe cos I,m exhausted with it all....!!!!! rofl...
Enjoy xx


kirsticoo said...

I have done it... actually written on my first journal page... (oooh scary or what!!!) And I have done the front cover and am currently working on the back one while reading the Visual Chronicles book for handy hints and tips.... Can't wait til next week and I really want to see that canvas in the flesh - it looks fabulous... take care... Kirsti xx

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

The personalised canvases look stunning, love the new Blonde Moment Christmas paper canvas - absolutely gorgeous, I spent all day yesterday working with them for teacher and teaching assistant gifts - they are fantastic papers to work with. I'm also enjoying the art journaling and the Visual Chronicles book Kirsti mentioned is truly inspirational! Hope you have a great Thursday, after a Doctor's appointment I'm heading back for my crafting - Woo-hoo


Clarky J said...

wow thanks for adding mine to your post im really looking forward to the weekend where I hope its all going to make sense??? Before that I need to do a handwriting course so i can learn to love my scrawl!!! Love the canvas' im sure the "Kids" will love them. Huge hugs to the Goddess get well soonxxxx

Kaz said...

Liking the canvasses so far, will look forward to seeing those if you can show them. x

susie f said...

Awww bless, send my love to the Goddess!!! And put me down for journalling on tuesday please!!
sending hugs to you both (and I'll send texts to remind you to eat, but for tea making you're on your own babes!)

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