Monday, October 12, 2009

pinch of this, pinch of that...!!!

Hiya babes, hope you all had a fantabuloso weekend that rocked your world. Yesterday was Art Journaling day and we had a fabby time. We had a couple of newbies Liz ( new to journaling) and Olive ( new to AFTH and journaling) and we also had the usual reprobates. I think it must be a condition of their parole that they all attend, lmao..!!!

Here they are from L-R Ann, Dawn, Chris, Helen, Bezzie Su and Sarah.

Liz, Olive, Jeanne, Cath and Pat.

Whilst Liz and Olive got to grips with making pages, learning paint techniques and completing prototype page, the rest just got on with their journaling. it was lovely to see them working on their own with no prompting, harassing or bullying from me. By Jove, I think they,ve finally got it...!!!
Just look at the frikkin mess tho..!!! Wtf..??

The lovely Olive had come all the way from Warrington and kept us all greatly entertained. She scored brownie points cos she is a fully fledged Northern Soulie, woop woop, and she brought homemade cake. It was a chocolate, Horlicks, Malteser cake. I was in sniffing heaven, lol. Apparently it is a Nigella recipe and the ladies said it was buddy gorgeous, so thanks Olive, you're in..!!!

I had to shoot off after the class as I had another little assignment to go to. Any guesses..???, lol.

Oh yes, I was going bowling with the lovely Kenny. Now I was going to tell you how I thrashed his arse at it, but I thought that just might hurt his macho Irish pride, so I won't...!!! OOps did I say that out loud..??? lmao... Sos K I know you tried your best, ha ha.
The lovely Ann from Derbyshire sent me the following pics of her work space. Ha ha I just love the ones that look really lived in.

Had a great kids birthday party at the studio for 7 yr old Anna. They were in their element painting and decorating terracotta plant pots and saucers. I just love the look on their little faces when they have finished, they are so proud of their achievements.
Gonna leave you with a journal page.

oh and J this is for you xx

Enjoy xx


flutterbycrafter said...

Had a great day Dy, loved it, loved it, loved it. Glad you had a good time with your friend ;) xx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

looks like another FAB journaling class, looks like everyone had fun and that cake looks sooooo good !!!! love the journal page hun, the page around the image looks brilliant xxxx

katy said...

Hi Dyan, just wanted to say thank you for popping by my blog yesterday, I felt encouraged by your message, I really dont know what I'm doing..keep promising myself that I'll make it to one of your workshops soon, love your journal pages, so inspired :) xx

Kirsti said...

Art journalling class looks like it was fun. The page is fabulous and the cake looked scrummy - sorry won't be able to bring homemade cake since I am not at home - can't wait til Thursday... lol Kirsti x

Sandra Hall said...

That journal page is spectacular! I keep having a go but it takes me weeks to finish one page! You just keep rolling 'em out and they all look amazing. 1 more sleep! yay!

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