Tuesday, October 6, 2009

All I want for Christmas is MORE Christmas..!!

Ooh its been Christmas all day. First I had the full day workshop, Blonde Moments quick and easy Christmas cards. Despite people falling like flies from the flu, we had a great time, and everyone made tons, yes tons, of cards.. They are sooooo quick and easy to make just like it says 0on the tin..!!! If you missed it you get another chance on Tue Dec 1st. Heres some of the samples I had prepared for today.

The following few are all made with the stamp " dressing the tree". You are always asking me how to make the tree and branches, so I am going to do you a step by step. Hopefully tomorrow, if not Thurs, promise. WARNING>>>>> once you know how you wont stop doing it....DISCLAIMER.... no compensation for the loss of your free time..!!!!

All the papers can be found HERE
and all the stamps can be found HERE
The childrens class are nearly finished all their prep on their baubles and sledges, so next week the hard work begins..!!
The Tuesday night ladies have started on their tags of Christmas. Anyone is welcome to come and join this group, but advance bookings are essential...( you probably are best phoning us to check. Every week we will be making a Christmas display tag, every week a different technique, every week a different product. All abilities, but nice quiet beginners who give me the respect I deserve before being brainwashed by the rest, are especially welcome.. lmao... Also bringers of ginger cake to sniff are always given a warm welcome..!!!
If it is too far for you to travel for a couple of hours on a Tues, then we also have a full day workshop on Sat 21st Nov where you will make the first 6. (please note the samples on the website for this class are not the actual ones you will be making). due to the fact I haven't made them all yet (yes I know its hard to believe, lol). This day class is over half full so don't leave it too late.
Here's the first tag, comprising a faux bleach background, overstamping, masking, hidden pocket, wrinkle Distress and Rock Candy Crackle. yup all that on one..!!!

TIM'S stamps can be found HERE
OK now we have some piccies from one of my Macduff ladies, The lovely Kirsty ( Kirstycoo )
has sent in pictures of her craft room, now that's what I call a real working craft room, lmbeao..!!!! Here it is in all its glory...

Beat that..!!!
So finally some more journal pages...

This is one of my favourite spreads. It also happens to be the words to one of my favourite songs. with special meaning..

Well I'd intended an early night tonight as I have loads to do tomorrow, but have just looked at the clock and its 1.30...Oh bugger....!!!! lol
Enjoy xx


jude.edward75 said...

There are times when I can't believe Kirsti and I are friends - it must be a Yin Yan type thing - lol!!!

Chris said...

Yahhhhh!!! A Saturday course I can manage to get to - where's that 'phone! Chris xx

Faerielore said...

WOW sounds like a pretty hectic day to me, what fun :) i love those journal pages the last one really appeals to me i just love it. ive nearly finished my 3rd journal page now ive paint and stuck my images on, just waiting for the word to come to me now :) xxx

kirsticoo said...

Ooh my - that's my room in all it's messy glory.... I am loving all those christmas tags too... will definitely be having a go at them soon...Lovve you too Jude... lm(ws)ao...x

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