Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ah yes, I can now officially collapse...!!! + EDIT

woop woop that's it last full day class for 10 days, yayy... Ooh what am I gonna do with myself..??? Err.... sleep, journal, sleep, dance, sleep, running machine, clean, sleep, seaside, lunching, sleep, visiting, journal,prep, prep, prep and hopefully sleep....!!!!

EDIT... Forgot to say its only 56 sleeps till Crimbo ( or maybe 22 sleeps in my case, lmao ). Mind you its always Christmas in my little world....

Had a lovely class today. It was a really quiet one, with lovely company..

Sara ( if you think I have a NEED to shop..?? ) and Mary ( just have a little more belief in your abilities..) . Lovely to see you both.

The lovely Janeyb who has finally let go and relaxed..!!! She absolutely astounded me today with her attitude. Yes life is too short to stuff a mushroom and fret over pieces of paper, lol. I was very proud of you babe.

And last but not least, Denny and Sue, affectionately known as Giddy and Giddier. Here they are in one of their saner moments, believe it or not, lol.
We sat and put the world to rights whilst creating..!!!
Had a visit from my favourite littlest person in the whole world.

She just cant resist, can she..???

Here's a journal page I did last night.

And this one...

I am sat here listening to all my Bettye Lavette ( go on admit it you,ve never heard of her, have you..??? lol) Well I love her. This is quite a slow song, but it is so soulful and its just how I feel at the moment. !!!

Enjoy xx


susie f said...

Yippee!!! I hope I'm on that list, maybe the lunching nd visiting bits, whoop whoop. Enjoy the sleep!!
Miss ya xx

Sandy Poppins said...

Love the spotty dress showing off your delish legs!
Journal pages are gorgeous and it was nice to spot my old mate JaneyB at your workshop!
Hope you enjoy your 'break' sleeping and dancing and journaling and..... 'phew - I feel exhausted writing it!

Virginia said...

Ooh Dyan I hope you manage to get some great sleeps in over the next 10 days! I bet it was great to finish for 10 days with such a small and intimate group! The journal pages are ace as always, I've put the odd one on my blog, my last one was my Matrix inspired page - they are so addictive. Even yesterday after a busy day out I sat art journaling whilst 11pm! As did my 9 year old son even though I kept saying it was bedtime, he kept saying just let me finish this bit Mum!!!!! He was drawing things in his art journal and has got up this morning and decided to carry on with them - they are ace - and it's something he doesn't normally do! He's currently trying to work out how to incorporate his Pink ticket from her gig the other night onto his page! See war and peace again when I type - mine will be longest comment again! - I can't help it! Anyway have a fabulous time off and enjoy the space and time for yourself.


Faerielore said...

first of all FAB outfit !!!! the workshop looks grea and love the new journal pages xxxx

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