Friday, October 2, 2009

Old habits die hard..!!! *EDITED*

Its Maisie night tonight so I am working on my bed again. I know a lot of you think I am joking when I say that, but believe me I,m not. Here's the view from where I am.

One of my shoe displays, lol.

Thought you might like to see this. It was my Dads. Gorgeous isnt it..??

I started with a banging headache at about 8pm last night and its only just subsiding now, so I am making the most of it and journaling for pleasure.
I didn't make it into work and amazingly the sky didn't fall down...!!! I do need to mention the workshops to you though. Both Fabby Dabby's are completely sold out now, with waiting lists. The only remaining weekend with availability is the Ranger and Blonde Monents techniques 2 on 5th and 6th Dec.
I have squeezed in another weekend that most of you don't even know about yet..!!!!! Despite nobody supposedly knowing it is filling fast ..?? It is an Art Journaling weekend on 6th/7th January 2010. Everything you wanted to know about Art Journaling in one jam packed weekend. Yes I know you have all been asking for this for ages, but its the first weekend I have free, honest. I just j=know this is going to fill as soon as it is officially released so I thought I would give you the heads up before Ben sends out the official newsletter. Don't say you weren't warned, lmao...
Here's the workshops in the next 2 weeks. Next Tues we have the Blonde Moments quick and easy Christmas. How many cards will you make , I think I did 24..!!!
That same evening we start off with Tag 1 of our Xmas tags. These will be every Tues eve until we finish, 1 tag a week. All arty farty, a different technique every week. they will be a pleasure to collect and build up into a stunning Xmas display.
On the Weds we have the ever popular Xmas mirror. Using a combination of old and new Blonde Moments Xmas papers, fragments, paints andd collage techniques. Gorgeous.

The following week on Wed 14th Oct we have the quirky painted and collaged Xmas tree. I just love this and have made loads for gifts.

And a new version of the Xmas Advent on Thurs 15th Oct.

And in between on the Sun and Tues we have the ever popular Art Journals. Please remember to book on these as last time people just kept turning up and I kept having yo pull out more tables and chairs to accommodate every one. Its not a problem but it does eat into your creative time. This time both of these classes will not be directed , but will be a chance for you all to experiment with the techniques already learnt. I will, of course be on hand to help and dish out tissues, but you may want to have something in mind before you arrive.!!

I,m going to leave you with my latest obsession, no its not a Wispa bar..!!! It is the video for Paloma Faith's new single, New York, just Frikkin love it..!!!

Enjoy xx


Laura (Faerielore) said...

looks to me the perfect night in bed, love your shoe display FAB, hope you have a lovely weekend hun xxx

Unknown said...

arghhh ive forgotton to ring Ben - please keep my place tho wasn't it 6th/7th Feb??? Janet

Anonymous said...

thanks for the music vid....loved the music so much,I went and bought the CD and listened to it 3 times already!

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