Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ranger weekend

Well today got off to a bright and early start. Cups of tea in hand, introductions all around and we were off.

I,ll introduce you to the eager students.
L-R .....Jane, Cal, Glynis, Jen, Maggie, Suzy, Sally and Sally.

L - R....Sharon, Sarah, Sue, Annaliese, Wendy, Sue, Sue and Katie

How many S's in there. Unbelievable!!! 8 out of 16 had a name starting with the letter S. Normally in classes the letter J is the most prevalent. I have lots of Julie's, Janet's, Jackie's,Joannes etc. Not one on this class at all.!!
Look at the mess already.!!
I have to confess that I forgot to take photos until it was almost too late. Will try harder tomorrow, honest.

Love spritzed Pearl backgrounds.



Sally said...

Thank you soooo much for a fab day on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned so much.

Carole Bryson said...

Just wanted to pop on and say than you sooooooooo much for a truly fab fab fabby fab fab weekend.

I have learned heaps and heaps and heaps .. and I have loved every second !

Can't wait for the next one - please ?!!!

Hugs 'n' snogs - Cal xxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Was really miffed as I wanted to come to this but I couldnt as I am madly trying to finish off all of my work for the end of my degree.

I sooooooo HOPE you do another one coz I wanna go to it.

Emma xx

crimsoncat05 said...

what a lovely-looking mess! It looks like you all had a great time!!

Carole Bryson said...

Ooops ... I meant to say :-

I popped on to THANK you for a fabby fab fab weekend ... although if you want me to than you, i'll than you any time !!! ha ha

Love 'n' snogs xxxxxxx

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